Google Cardboard


Good news for all our valued customers.
We have just launched latest version (2.0) of our ALIAN Cardboard which replaces the magnet switch of version 1.0, with conductive foam button.

It works both on iOS and android devices of size up to 6″.

It allows you to explore Virtual Reality with the help of your smartphone to play VR Games, to watch YouTube videos and to watch Movies.

We have specially used a High quality pair of a Biconvex lens having 35mm diameter with 50mm focal length.

Keeping in mind your convenience, we have attached the adjustable head strap for your comfort, eliminating the need to hold cardboard with your hands.

Top as well as side velcros used to keep your phone properly and to prevent it from sliding out.

We also have inserted Nose cushion for Comfortable wearing of cardboard.

We inserted rivets not only for better look & feel, but also for providing strength and fitting to card board.

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