Are Indian Govt. websites easy enough to hack??

//Are Indian Govt. websites easy enough to hack??

Are Indian Govt. websites easy enough to hack??

Today,India is one of the favourite country for getting outsourced services from abroad.Approximately 35 % of the India’s GDP accounts for the service sector.The reason that India is getting plummeted with services from foreign countries is cheap labour rates.We are bestowed with outsourcing services like BPO,KPO,web designing/development,etc from foreign countries.Thanks to them!!

Now in this article let us focus on web development services in india.

The importance of online presence and Internet penetration to a large extent has helped india to have bloggers like Amit agarwal,Sujoy dhar,Ayodhyanath,etc.But the question arises here is do the indian government understands the importance of improving website and cyber security ??

The answer lies in our 10th standard results.The one who has passed his 10th standard either with failure or with flying colors at that time had to wait even to access the website and view his own result.When the 10th standard results are out,a tremendous amount of traffic flows in to the website which makes it almost impossible to access the website.Its like after competing in board exams the one more final round still remains and is that to access the particular website quickly than competitors/others or else land up in trouble of not able to view your own result for hours.:))

Uptil now,the Indian government haven’t given much of the thought to the website regulations.I think its the time when we should start considering the website regulations in a more serious note.Today,every indian retailer has started thinking to sell his products online to improve its service.Has the cyber rIndian+hackers+arrestedegulatory authority started improving the cyber security??.the answer is big question mark.


According to The Hindu website,the recent data reveals that more than 2000 government websites has been hacked by various tech geeks to take control of the highly secure data.Are we moving ahead to set a record or what?This is a directly questions the working of our cyber regulatory many more websites they want to get hacked so that they can come into action?we dont have any answers and neither do they.


India is set to be a superpower till 2020 but in this way some anonymous breaking into our system and continuously questioning our security,will not help to achieve every indian’s dream.The time has come when cyber regulatory authority has to play masterstroke over the hackers for being greedy enough to be a potential threat for our country.


But in future,it would be of no surprise if present  Indian government comes up with serious action to combat cyber attacks as it can be easily noticed by renovation of design and security of PM Narendra Modi’s website.


Let’s hope that with the new government,nobody breaks in to question our security by taking serious action against it.But still it’s a long way run,to see a secured India online as well as off-line. 😉

Thank you.

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