Users are spending five hours a day on mobile devices and 92 percent of that time is spent using apps (data from Case study). If you don’t have an app to represent your web content, you’re missing on a huge opportunity to build a loyal user base and grow your traffic on your blog pages.

If you don’t have technical knowledge and having less budget, don’t worry, here is the solution. Now you can easily convert your existing wordpress blog into Android and iOS application usings “Antiqueruby React Native Material Design UI Components“.

There are few easy steps:

  • Application is providing number of ready made blog templates, so choose any one of the template,
  • When you will purchase the app, it will have plugin and ready made code, You just need to install the plugin to your wordpress website backend and need to run ready made code into relevant software such as Android Studio and xCode and generate the APk and IPA file for Android and iOS devices respectively.

Isn’t it easy to convert your existing blog into mobile application!!

What are Social media?

In layman s language, Social media are virtual platforms (Internet-based applications) for social interaction.They enable the user to create and exchange (information, pictures and videos) among the virtual community in a collaborative manner.

Among the plethora of social media, Facebook and Google+ (Google Plus) are more suitable for social interactions hence very useful for B2C marketers while Linkedin is more apt for business community hence used by B2B marketers.

Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest more focussed on micro-blogging, social news and visual media respectively. Social media are unique in terms of a framework, reach, quality, accessibility, permanence, usability and immediacy.

Social media as a marketing tools:

The ultimate aim of any marketer is to create profitable satisfied customers. From time immemorial to this modern ICT age, Marketers goal remains same, create brand awareness, attract potential customers, generate leads and ultimately convert them into profitable satisfied customers. Irrespective of media platforms, marketers twin aim is to attract and win new customers as well as keep existing customer happy be enhancing loyalty. Marketers always use available resources including existing media to reach target customers. In this age of technology, marketers are using these new media platforms and adopting innovative tactics to create brand awareness, attract new customer and enhance loyalty for existing customers.

Both B2C and B2B marketers use following tools:

Social media analytics tool is used to mine customer sentiment by collecting data from blogs, and social media websites and analysing it. It enables marketers to rectify marketing campaign and improve customer service.

Marketers employ Social media marketing (SMM) tools to create inspiring content which compels users to share it with their virtual community thereby broaden brand exposure.

Marketers use SMO (Social Media Optimization) strategy to draw new customers to their sites. SMO can be achieved by inserting social media links to content such as RSS feeds and sharing buttons, as well as by status updates, tweets and blog posts.

Social CRM(Customer Relationship Marketing) can be a potent marketing weapon for the marketer. When an organisation create a page in social networking site, it allows the user to connect with organisation’s brand which creates an opportunity for instant communication. Social media provide timely market data and feedback through conversations regarding marketer’s brand. From the customer’s point of view, social media enable them to provide their feedback instantly. Simultaneously, organisations can act swiftly to address customer issues and rebuild customer confidence.

Through Enterprise social networking, the company can connect with individuals having similar business interests. Internally, social media tools facilitate employees to access requisite information and resources thereby providing an opportunity to work synergistically for solving marketing problems.

By constantly upgrading business processes and operations, through research, Social media platforms enable an organisation to remain in constant touch with their customers.

What is Net neutrality?

What is net neutrality in lay man’s language?
The concept of net neutrality is neither new nor originated nor limited to the Internet.
Think of electric network grid. We all get access to the same electricity, irrespective of what we plug in our electrical outlets at home.The fundamental rule behind neutrality indicates that there should not be discrimination between devices we plug in hence all devices work equally well.

Similarly, all messages transmitted through the internet must be in the same order in which they were received and cannot be discriminated.

Definition of Net Neutrality
Net neutrality means broadband network providers remain neutral to the information(data) traveling through their network. They are completely debarred to rank data / information traveling through their network.

Now see the simple example of website A and website B.
According to net neutrality, both entities would pay requisite charges to the Telco and the data from the website A will make the same path as one from the website B, without any roadblocks or shortcuts.
However, without a net neutrality, network providers can discriminate and decide the speed and quality of transmitted data.
The net neutrality means non-discriminatory net availability without differential tariffs, where all companies, big or small, have a level-playing field and consumers are not compartmentalized or discriminated

Who coined this word?
The net neutrality term was coined by Mr. Tim Wu an American academician in 2010.
He employed this term in his paper Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination.
later on he propagated this concept, which became the major part of Federal Net Neutrality rule in the USA.

Legal aspects

Violations of net neutrality are rampant by Telcos in India.Neither TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) guidelines for the Unified Access Service license which promotes net neutrality,nor IT (The Information Technology) Act, 2000 prohibits telecoms/ISPs to violate net neutrality.

As of now, there is no law regarding net neutrality in India, which clearly state that all Internet users are treated equally and without discrimination by Telcos/Isp,irrespective of content, site, platform, application, accessing device, or mode of communication employed by net user.

Genesis of current debate

The exponential growth of social media savvies smartphone users have converted the internet into basic necessity and means of communication and empowerment of citizens.

According to some estimate India has 24.31 crore Internet users, of which 17.30 crore are mobile Internet users, includes 11.20 crore Facebook users, 7 crore WhatsApp users and 2.2 crore Twitter user.

Taking the advantages of phenomenal technological revolution in India and in the guise of expansion of network, Telcos/Internet Service Providers are attempting to breach net neutrality through licensing or fixing discriminatory prices of Internet applications and web services.

Rather than issuing a directive under section 25 of the TRAI Act in the public interest against errant telcos for violating net neutrality TRAI has published consultation paper, which has biased against net neutrality in favour of telcos.

Way ahead

Any attempts to compromise net neutrality is only frontal attack on freedom of choice for net users but also attempt to put roadblocks in the onward march of a digitally empowered India.

Any attempt to dilute net neutrality by imposing tax on OTT(Over the top)services or revenue sharing with government or with ISP/Telco will be detrimental to the digitized empowered citizen movement.
Any attempt to allow ISP and Telcos to levy interconnect charges for data services through licensing or fixing discriminatory prices of Internet applications and web services will violate freedom of choices for net users.

We must have clear and enforceable net neutrality law for empowerment of India.

What benefits will mobile responsive website bring?

We are living in the ICT age, where large no of people moving from their desktop devices to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to access websites.

As usages of Smartphone increases exponentially, the responsive website has become the necessity to remain relevant in the changing business environment for any organisation.

It is well-established fact that along with sound marketing strategy, the mobile responsive website is the fuel for the growth of any business.

A mobile responsive website enables the visitor to optimise his/her experience on smartphone or tablet.

Keeping in the mind contemporary business milieu, You need to redesign your website site to mobile responsive which automatically adjusts to the viewing device, be it smartphone or tablet.

What difference does a mobile friendly website make in your business?

A mobile responsive website is user-friendly and easy to access medium where you can promote your brands and products effectively.

It can increase traffic of visitors, increases the lead, thereby increases the chances of converting these visitors to clients.

A mobile responsive website can engage your existing clients more lively and enhance their loyalty.

In today’s rapidly changing technological and business context, the mobile responsive website is the key for higher ROI and revenue for your business.

In order to provide efficiency and customer satisfaction, we have developed Online Ordering System for your restaurant.In today’s age of fast food and take-out, many restaurants need to equally focus on instant preparation and speedy execution of orders, as well as on offering a pleasant dining experience.

Our system completely streamlines and transforms entire ordering process for both the customer and the restaurant.

We have developed a comprehensive, robust, online ordering system for the restaurant to manage an online menu where the customer can browse and place orders with just a few clicks.

The customer will have to choose whether he/she wants packaged food for pick-up or wish to have food at the restaurant.

According to our Application, a system administrator has right to add and handle the user accounts, manage products and orders while meal deliverer deals with pending orders.

The customer will be in a position to view the products and book an order. There will be a printable confirmation receipt for each order booked by the customer, as our system is attached with a thermal printer.

Ordering webpage consist of an interactive, up-to- date menu with all available options including prices and delivery details.

When the customer brows the ordering webpage,he/she can select any option , then items are added to the order.Customer can re-examine details before checking out.This offers an instant visual confirmation.

Once an order is booked on the webpage, it is entered and retrieved in databased in real-time, at the restaurant’s end.
Our system enables restaurant employees to quickly go through the orders and prepare the food items with eliminating delay and wastages.

Our system can also integrate POS (point of sales) into database ensuring prompt services.
We have developed this system on SDLC with C# ASP.NET as the programming languages and Ms SQL server as the database of the system.

To smoothen online payment, We have provided option to integrate this app with first data, PayPal, authorize, net and mercury payment gateway.

Indeed, our system simultaneously enhances the operation efficiency of the restaurant and customer satisfaction.

Good news for all our valued customers.
We have just launched latest version (2.0) of our ALIAN Cardboard which replaces the magnet switch of version 1.0, with conductive foam button.

It works both on iOS and android devices of size up to 6″.

It allows you to explore Virtual Reality with the help of your smartphone to play VR Games, to watch YouTube videos and to watch Movies.

We have specially used a High quality pair of a Biconvex lens having 35mm diameter with 50mm focal length.

Keeping in mind your convenience, we have attached the adjustable head strap for your comfort, eliminating the need to hold cardboard with your hands.

Top as well as side velcros used to keep your phone properly and to prevent it from sliding out.

We also have inserted Nose cushion for Comfortable wearing of cardboard.

We inserted rivets not only for better look & feel, but also for providing strength and fitting to card board.