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    Best employee time tracking app available in the market

    • May 11, 2024
    • 7 min

    Effective time management is essential to productivity in any kind of organization. Whether you run a business managing staff or are a freelancer managing several projects, an accurate time tracking app is crucial for productivity, accurate invoicing, and performance reviews. Thankfully, a multitude of technologies have emerged in the digital era to help automate employee time tracking.

    Some of the most notable cloud based time tracking software among them include extensive functionality, intuitive user interfaces, and device compatibility. We will explore the list of employee time tracking applications in this blog post to find the top options currently in the market. We will examine the finest options that enable both people and businesses to make the most of their time. From sophisticated capabilities like real-time time tracking, and project management integration to cost and ease of use, let’s get started.

    What is a time tracking app?

    A time tracking app is a software application designed to help individuals or organizations monitor and manage the time spent on various tasks, projects, or activities.

    Thus, with these applications, users or employees can usually keep track of and log the amount of time they spend on various projects or activities throughout the day. These applications are mostly cloud based time tracking software.

    Some time tracking apps integrate with other productivity tools. For instance, in project management software, calendars, or invoicing systems, streamlining workload and reducing manual data entry.

    On the other hand, some come as in-built applications in the project management software. For freelancers or businesses that bill clients based on hours worked, time tracking apps include features for generating invoices based on tracked time.

    Features of an employee time tracking app

    enterprise performance management software

    In order to successfully monitor and manage workers’ work hours, the best time tracker app usually includes a number of features. The following are some typical features of time tracking software: 

    • Start & Stop: Enables workers to record the beginning and ending times of their shifts or workdays in the time tracker apps.
    • Timesheets: Gives access to a digital log of each employee’s hours worked during a given time frame such as daily, weekly, or monthly.
    • User Action Monitoring: The best time tracking app must be able to monitor the keyboard keystrokes and the mouse usage counts of every employee.
    • Work Screenshots: The best time tracker app should have the feature of capturing screenshots of the work done by the employees at regular intervals of time.
    • Manual Time Entry: Give workers the option to manually log their working hours in the event that they forget to start the time tracker app or need to make any changes. 
    • Project and Task Tracking: Furthermore, this feature gives workers the option to track their time in certain activities or projects.
    • Overtime Calculation: Additionally, it automatically calculates overtime hours based on predefined rules and regulations, such as overtime eligibility and rates.
    • Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports on employee productivity, and time utilization, and provide insights for performance evaluation and resource allocation.
    • Notifications and Alerts: Furthermore, the time tracker app should send reminders to employees to clock in/out, and alert managers of any discrepancies or unusual activities.
    • User Roles and Permissions: The app should define different user roles. For instance, employees, managers, and administrators with varying levels of access and permissions to the app’s features and data.

    Benefits of time tracker apps

    Time tracking software provides a number of advantages to both people and businesses:

    • Improved Productivity: Individuals may determine where their time is being used more efficiently and make modifications to maximize productivity. Thus, the best time tracker app is useful to measure the amount of time spent on various tasks and projects.
    • Better Time Management: The best time tracking app assists users in setting priorities and managing their time more effectively. Thus, it lowers delay and guarantees that deadlines are reached.
    • Accurate Billing and Invoicing: Time tracker apps assist in maintaining fair and transparent billing procedures. This is because they provide accurate records of billable hours to freelancers and businesses.
    • Insights into Time Usage: Furthermore, time tracker apps generate reports and analytics. They provide insights into how time is being spent, allowing individuals and organizations to identify time-wasting activities and areas for improvement.
    • Project Management: Project managers may efficiently allocate resources, evaluate progress, and make educated choices. Thus, they ensure projects remain on schedule by keeping track of the amount of time spent on various activities and projects.
    • Client Transparency: Time tracking software helps service-based organizations build trust and responsibility by giving clients access to comprehensive information on project time spent.
    • Remote Work Monitoring: With the rise of remote work, time tracker apps help employers monitor remote employees’ productivity and ensure they are working efficiently and effectively.
    • Resource Allocation: Organizations can use the data of app for employee time tracking to allocate resources more effectively. Thus, they can identify areas of high demand and reallocate manpower or resources accordingly.

    What is the best employee time tracking app?

    Here is a list of some of the best time-tracking software options that businesses may employ at a reasonable price after reviewing some of the top options.

    • Alian Hub

      An all-in-one program for managing projects and time is Alian Hub. Employees can track the time of various tasks easily with Alian Hub’s built-in free time tracking app.

      You have two options for tracking time: manually enter time or start a timer. In addition, it captures screenshots of the active window in various time intervals. Furthermore, every user action is tracked. For example, keystrokes and mouse usage count.

      The time report contains each user’s weekly or monthly time statistics. Timesheets can be generated, projects and tasks work time may be scheduled, and workload can be managed automatically. Both large and small businesses may effectively measure employee work hours using its best free time tracking app.

      Furthermore, it offers functions including file sharing, kanban, milestone reporting, real-time voice chat, and more. Therefore, it’s also helpful for assessing the advancement of employees. Finally, it is inexpensive and simple to use, best time tracker app.

    • Timely

      The most effective time tracking app strives to make the process of accurately recording your time spent as simple as possible. An automatic time tracker, Timely is the most accurate and painless option available.

      If you work in a company, a tool like this may appear unsettling—but Timely is not an employee time tracking software. You are the sole owner of the data it gathers. Furthermore, you control how much of this information you choose to disclose on your timesheet.

    • Toggl Track

      Toggl Track is a good choice if you need a time tracker app but lack the funds to purchase one. All of the essential features of a cloud based time tracking software are included in this time tracking software’s extensive fee which grants you exposure to all of its apps.

      The main reason Toggl Track functions so well is that it doesn’t need much of you after you begin timing tasks. A customer, project, and task must be added to your account in order for many time tracking software to allow you to monitor time. However, if not, you will need to input them and put your task on hold for now. You may monitor your time immediately using the Toggl monitor. Examine your recorded time entries in a calendar or grid style, and worry about the specifics later.

    • HourStack

      It is a time tracker that works well with your preferred project management software to assist your team in scheduling and monitoring work. You can say that it is a simple and elegant time tracker and calendar combo.

      The software is in many well-known project management applications, including Google Calendar, Asana, Trello, etc. It has a simple drag-and-drop feature for workload scheduling of teams.

    • RescueTime

      RescueTime is an automated time tracking app that places emphasis on awareness, in-depth work, and minimizing interruptions throughout your working hours.

      Installing a little monitoring tool on your system is the first step towards utilizing RescueTime’s ‘Focus’ version, which is, in my opinion, significantly superior. Furthermore, it could notify you, for instance, if you’re juggling multiple tasks more than usual or are distracted.


    In conclusion, effective time management is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. What is the best employee time tracking app? Alian Hub which offers a range of benefits, including improved productivity, better time management, insights into time usage, and streamlined project management is the best employee time tracking software. 

    With the abundance of options available in the market, choosing the right time tracking app can greatly enhance efficiency and productivity. From comprehensive features to user-friendly interfaces, the top time tracking apps empower users to make the most of their time and achieve their goals.


    Does Microsoft have a time tracking app?

    Yes. Timeclock 365 is the time tracking app of Microsoft.

    Can time tracking apps guarantee 100% accuracy in tracking work hours?

    Yes. Time tracking apps provide valuable insights into time usage. However, their accuracy may vary depending on factors such as user diligence in logging time and the reliability of the app’s tracking mechanisms. However, they offer a reliable means of monitoring and managing work hours for most users.

    Are time tracking apps suitable for all types of businesses and industries?

    Time tracking software can be beneficial for a wide range of businesses and industries, including freelancers, small businesses, remote teams, and large corporations. However, their suitability may depend on factors such as industry regulations, company culture, and specific workflow requirements.

    How can employers ensure employee privacy while using time tracking apps?

    Employers should prioritize transparency and communication when implementing time tracking software to address concerns about employee privacy. Clearly defined guidelines for the usage of tracking data. Furthermore, employees should understand the purpose and limitations of time tracking. Additionally, opting for apps with privacy features such as user-controlled data visibility can help mitigate privacy concerns.

    What are some common challenges associated with implementing time tracking apps in organizations?

    Some common challenges include resistance from employees who perceive time tracking as intrusive. Difficulty in integrating time tracking apps with existing systems and workflows, and ensuring consistent and accurate usage across the organization.

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