We need to design and develop a eCommerce website in WordPress for proving dress on rent. User can
upload their product for rent and also take other user’s product on rent and also able to chat with each other.

  • Web interface front-end (For All users)
  • Web interface back-end (For website administrator)

User should easily get product(s) for Rent.



The major element of to this website is to make it look elegant. The task of picking colors was given the supreme importance while we create the whole design.


The task of selecting fonts is as important as choosing colors. Our team of professional graphics designers selected Proxima & Montserrat fonts for better texture & composition.

Our Solution

Our experts came up with final solution for ecommerce website in WordPress with all different functionalities.

  • Message functionality
  • Payment feature
  • Instagram Feed


The view of pages done in WordPress.

Michelle Wong / HONEECOMM

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