Marketing & Technologies you can no longer ignore

Digital Marketing is very common among online ecommerce store owners. But getting the digital marketing right to make things deliver is tough nowadays. Everybody do digital marketing of their products & services. Some do with some sort of strategy and some without any proper planning.

Here are some very basic tips to follow if you want to make your business online and grow it with digital marketing.

Optimization – Technical & Content

Almost 75% of Google users never go to second or third page of any search results. So, ultimately, it’s worthless not to be ranked higher in search results. Use search engine optimization for better visibility of your business website on search engines.

Artificial Intelligence

Application of Artificial Intelligence for marketing will be a reality soon. Where you might see artificial intelligence used for advanced sales forecasting, deep consumer behaviour understanding, targeted sales campaigns, etc. This is going to make a long lasting effect on how businesses do marketing, especially for online ecommerce businesses.


This is a newly arrived feature and gained a lot of popularity in services based applications. Where pre-programmed Chatbots engages into the online conversation with the customers to resolve any query. This features reduces direct human intervention. And it also impresses customers with immediate responses & resolution of any queries.

Influence Marketing

Influence marketing has gained momentum since past couple of years. Generally, it involves any personality or entity with huge online presence.

Image Recognition Technology

Image recognition tech is playing a major role for customers to know more about the product. There are lots image recognition apps available on mobile platforms right now. Which allows the people to reach the product or brand of their like. There are so many apps available right now in the market. i.e. Google Lens, Flow powered by Amazon, Google Reverse Image Search, LeafSnap TapTapSee, Aiploy Vision, ScreenShop, etc.

Voice Search

Just like the image search, there are lots of apps available which allows user to search through voice. i.e. Cortana, Google Allo, AIVC,  Bing, Prometheus Interactive, Magdalm, Vlingo, Amazon Alexa, etc.

Connection with Social Media

And Last, Lets connect. Social Media platforms provides a great platform to connect with masses of people easily. If you have a website, then don’t forget to integrate it social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, etc.


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