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How 5G mobile network will change the horizons of mobile applications?

Telecommunication industry goes through a technological revolution every decade. It was the year of 2009 when 4G LTE went live in Stockholm for the first time. Its faster internet speed, high-definition video streaming and many more features caught the people by surprise. Now, world is waiting to see the next big change in telecommunication industry.

5G is almost ready for its deployment, and its early tests are very impressive. But what challenge it is posing for the mobile application developers & its end users?

Well, When 4G LTE was deployed in 2009, its faster internet speed and minimal latency brought the new characteristics to the mobile application development. With faster internet, mobile application developers were in amaze to bring new functionalities to mobile applications. The same challenge is now poised to take developers by surprise in 5G telecommunications technology.


So, how faster the 5G technology could be?

In near-realistic test environment 5G has hit constant speed of more than 2gbps. That’s an enormous update from global average of 20mbps in 4G LTE. Near Zero – latency will make download/uploads possible within a blink of eye. The bigger challenge would be to design & develop applications with such capabilities which supports near to zero latency. Rich media experience with 360-degree videos, 4K resolution live video streaming will be a possibility. Seeing the future possibilities, 5G will make a far-fetched impact on the whole ecosystem of mobile application development. Secondly, near to zero latency is going to make very rich user experience.


Improvement in internet speed will be the biggest perk of 5G network. It will be a boon for online e-commerce industry, healthcare systems & logistics industry. Almost a real-time response will bring more customer to online e-commerce industry. Display of online products in Virtual Reality would be a possibility with 5G network. Hence, that is going to open up the door to bring multiple functionalities to the mobile applications. Navigational apps will see a tremendous growth as almost a real-time accurate location & Virtual reality maps will be a possibility with 5G.

Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be the biggest beneficiary of 5G network.  Real-time communication will be the biggest factor for its growth. IoT based mobile applications will see a tremendous growth. 5G is the most promising thing for Internet of Things.


Other than development opportunities, 5G network is going to bring massive revenue opportunity globally. 5G is expected to create millions of jobs globally, with the mobile app developers being biggest beneficiary of it. There will not be any single industry remain untouched from this technological revolution & early adopters of this technology are going to be the beneficiary in domain of telecommunication.


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