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How to Build a Shopify app?

Shopify apps are great revenue generators. The demand for apps is thriving. You can imagine the scale of its popularity that nearly half of the 25 most top grossing  apps were published in last 2 years only. Majority of eCommerce store owners agree that they wouldn’t use it without app.

So, what’s the big deal in building an app on your own?

Well, all you required to have is a good command over technical knowledge & skills in HTML, CSS, Node.Js or React Native. You need to have a shopify partners account. If you don’t have any, you can hire shopify partners , who can do the same for you. This is where Shopify Partners get importance.

Private or Public App?

You must have a specific motive for developing an app in shopify. Depending on your motive, you need to choose either you want to develop a Public App or a Private one. There are several pros and cons associated with each type of app. Like Public App allows to install on multiple shopify stores. Where a privately developed app is developed for a single shopify store or its access can be restricted to limited number of clients or users.

How to create a Private App?

Usually, a single shopify store or limited/ small group of clients prefers to develop the private apps. The shopify app store do not list private apps. You are required to generate credentials from Shopify admin (Read more). So, there’s very limited scope if you want to generate huge amount of revenue with private app. If your ultimate goal is to generate revenue through an app, a public app would be a great option to go ahead with.

How to create a Public App?

When you have a vast scope of generating revenue through a business model which includes a mobile app, you must go with developing a Public App. The app store usually lists the public apps. You are required to have a Shopify Partner account to build a public app or you need to hire official shopify partners to create a public app (Read More).

There are thousands of merchants who have created apps and successfully generated huge revenue.

So, start building your own app with Shopify partners.


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