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Logo Creation Process

Logo creation is an art of carving a gemstone from the rock.it demands creativity,skill and knowledge.This art has been very well mastered by our designers.

We have created countless logo’s for our clients.In order to give you better understanding of our process,Let me pick a case study of one of the actual projects of logo creation that we encountered with our client so that you can be more clear.

  •  Our client wanted to create a logo for his own website which is based on herpetoculture (i.e.keeping live reptiles in captivity either as a hobby or breeding operation).the client wanted a logo which can best describe his business.

1. First step is Design inputs from the client

Client Requirements

  • The client wanted a text like logo.
  • The client desired his logo to be created using black,red and/or blue color.
  • The client wanted to have paint like fonts of his logo.

On the basis of his requirements:

  • Our designers provided the client with the following 4 mockups,

2. Second step is Selection of mock up by client

In this step,client loved all the design mock ups but he liked 1st mock up comparatively more.

so he selected the 1st mock up but wanted to have some modifications.

Client Requirements

  • The client wanted his logo to be more realistic to convey the idea about its business.So he wanted to have real lizard in the logo.

On the basis of his requirements:

  • We added a real lizard to its logo to give meaning to his logo.

3. Third step is Revisions on the selected logo mock up

Client Requirements

  • Client was happy with the logo but wanted the vector like image of lizard sticked to letter “R

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