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MVC (Model Viewer Controller) 4.0/5.0

MVC is based on the premise that the application should be kept apart from its presentation/display.

By employing DRY (do not repeat yourself) and Convention Over Configuration principle MVC provides simpler code presentation and layout ensuring more maintainable applications.

MVC a powerful, scalable, clean, well-coded, robust, lighter and testable framework requires the least time and effort.

MVC can be integrated with existing ASP .NET traits, such as master pages, security, and authentication.

The MVC concept is to set apart the application into three main constituents such as the Model, the View, and the Controller

The controller handles view files and logic template.

When a user communicates with the view by tendering a form or clicking on a link the Controller administers the user input and conveys the data to the model.
While the Model accepts the data and upgrades its status the View checks the status of the Model and responds it duly.

By employing MVC 4/5, we have developed secure, reliable and shareable online file storage solution both for windows and mobile applications including android ios.
By using MVC, We have developed an application to streamline the entire procedure for shipping and logistic service providers.

We have developed application which covers end to end shipping process from generating sales order, outbound delivery, condition record for a forwarding agent and shipping documents to vendor’s invoices.
It monitors the movement of goods/document at each stage of the process.
Uniqueness of the MVC model has enable us to developed an online poll application for Social networking site which works on images and pages.

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