Process of Developing Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters have always fantasized people in some or the other way whether be it kids or adults fantasizing well known characters like Simpsons, Popeye, Bugs BunnyMickey MousePokemon, Tom & Jerry and various others.But have you ever wondered like how they are created?

Let us see the process of Giving Life to Characters at Alian Software.

At Alian Software,Our creative think tanks give birth to characters by giving ideas and make them realistic which are to be used in Game development, Comics, Television Ads, Magazine Ads, Animations, etc

Let me take one of our actual project to give you the better understanding.

Our client wanted to develop three characters One is Waiter, second is Footballer and third is Artist to incorporate in his promotional video.

The process involves three steps :

1. The process involves three steps :

Here,our designers put their ideas on paper.
Then they practice the drawing of characters roughly and developing pencil sketches.

2. Giving shape to the characters

To use the right mixture of colors holds the key to display the character behaviour like personality, psychological condition, occupation,etc in a correct way.
Here,our designer develops characters in two backgrounds :

1) Day view

2) Night view

Presto!! The characters are ready to use now,wherever you desire.

Basically,for any character to convey the right message is a huge challenge lying in front of any designer to which our designers tackle it with their experience.You want a proof ?? You already have gone through it actually.;)

Thank you 🙂

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