The Client is looking for a unique bookkeeping solution where he can provide bookkeeping & other related services like book keeping, time keeping, etc.

We suggested to create a platform using the latest Laravel technology to give him the platform with the expected functionalities.




Our Solution

As per our suggestion, the client agreed with our proposed technology & functionalities. We created the whole platform in Laravel, where we add different functionalities. The Platform consists of three types of users namely Super Admin, the Team Members and Users. The User can create/ sign up into the platform. The user needs to provide the information for the profile like company details, bank details, tax profile, vehicle profile, health care profile and Payroll services.

While creating the profile, the user can choose the plan as per his/her requirement. We have added functionality where User can also choose for the add-on services from other plans as per the requirement. As per the requirement of the user, the admin can assign the team member for each & every user for check & verification.

  • Whole bookkeeping System in Laravel
  • Plans with Add- services option
  • Range of Services including Time Keeping
  • Superbly Flexible System


The state of the art platform in Laravel for the range of exclusive bookkeeping services.

Parker Samuel


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