The Shopify application for Samuel Pepys Wine Merchants is one of our classical work that we would like to showcase. Samuel Pepys Wine Merchants were seeking to grow their sales & business. After the thorough negotiation & analysis, we built a custom Shopify application for them, which helped them to convert more lead to sales.

Our Solution

The concept of the application is a monthly subscription of wine bottles. Users can purchase either 3 or 6 bottles from store and payment will get automatically deducted from customer’s credit card. Customer can choose their own choice of bottles every month before subscription date. So customer can taste different wine each week. We created the store with this functionality, which helped them to increase sales a lot.

  • Created a mulifunctionaliy store
  • Included state-of-the-art features
  • Helped to increase sales & growth in Business


Our team of graphics experts created the vector-based graphics design as desired by the client. With help of wireframes, we finalize the core design of pages with artistic features.

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