React Native : The Latest trend in App Development

React Native Mobile application development has always been a challenge to the developers to build apps in minimum time. But it remains a time consuming job as it perceived.

The Mobile application is a necessity for every business nowadays. The apps needs to be light weighted too with advanced features to remain ahead of others in business. Conceptualizing the flow of design consumes most of the part for development of any apps, that too with different versions i.e. Android & iOS. So, the Developers usually choose cross-platforms like React Native to save the time.

Another way to nurture your dream project in React Native is to crowd source. You can crowd source the React Native UI material components required for your application.  There are plenty of crowd sourcing sites like Envato where you can find the digital assets like UI Material components ready for customize for your project.

There are some digital assets available at Envato, just like “Antiqueruby React Native Material Design UI Components”. It was one of the bestselling Mobile App template in 2018. Which offers Android + iOS elements, 290+ screens & 19+ kinds of UI/UX components. Which further saves your 1000+ hours of developing this things. You are just required to get this assets from Envato, and it’s ready for customization according to your needs.

You can contact directly to the developers to further customize the UI components as per your needs.


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