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Shopify Customization

Do you wish to enhance the online appeal of your e- store?

Do you wish to offer the most satisfying experience to your customers?

Do you wish to add certain functionalities to your store?

Do you wish to add special information to your e- store?

You can lean on ALIAN for such customization services.

What is customization?
By keeping your current theme intact and just making discrete changes to certain areas ( modification of the theme)are called customization.

What is a theme?
The theme is a collection of files which control the layout of the website. Each file has the extension .liquid, which known as a liquid template as it contains code written in the liquid templating language.

Basic theme structure

  • All themes comprise five categories of file
  • Layouts files control the overall layout of your theme.
  • Templates files control layouts for specific parts of your theme such as product pages or your blog
  • Snippets are code extracts used by other files.
  • Assets files stores Images, plugins, and CSS files.
  • Configs files contain settings and configuration files.

We at ALIAN can customize your Shopify website as per your need.