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Shopify Dropshipping – How to Start?

Shopify is choice of more than a million business owners. It’s a perfect marketplace to a start your eCommerce business. It lets you to try platform for free for 14 days. Which makes merchant comfortable to get used to with. Features like Dropshipping, Point of sale, eCommerce hosting, Oberlo for Dropshipping, Online store builder, etc. helps the merchant to grow his sale by many folds. On peak, shopify registers more than 10000 new orders every minute.

In 2018, a research survey found that one of every third American citizen has purchased goods from the online store built on shopify.

Shopify Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the most popular business concept in eCommerce industry right now. Without making any huge investment, setting up production unit or hassle of packing & shipping, Dropshipping provides you the degree of freedom to sale globally through the store. You are just required to select right products, a supplier and one online store. Everything else including order processing, warehouse, packaging, shipping logistics will be handled by the supplier.

Dropshipping takes less time, less investment, low risk & quick results in comparison with any other brick & mortar business.

It allows the store owner to experiment with multiple products to test the response & success rate.

How to select right products?

The answer is Oberlo. Shopify has specially developed a tool for Dropshipping business called Oberlo. It helps the store owners to find the perfect products to sell online. Oberlo is programmed to handle the network of suppliers, their inventory, packaging and shipping.

All you are just required to do is to set up a store with shopify.

Setting up a shopify store

It’s easy to set up a store with shopify. Find a shopify partner make a lot easier. They will set up a store in shopify for you with Dropshipping features including Oberlo on your wish.

Find a shopify partner for you over here.

But, don’t stop there.

Creating a shopify store with Oberlo is just a half way mark. Now, you need to put in a ton of marketing efforts, build relations and widen your product catalogue.

Start with selling the product you love the most and then expand with your experience.

Adding more products

You need to add up more products to your store. It will make your store popular among the different section of people. It help you to reach out to different target audiences. Which definitely helps you to get maximum orders.

Shopify store owners have seen getting orders upto $1000 a day.

You can do even more than that. Don’t wait for the correct time to start with.

Start today with selecting the shopify partner, they will make you through in the journey of the Dropshipping business.


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