Social Media Page & Cover Design Services - Alian Software

We Provide


We analysis to understand the target audience, to avoid similarity, for the output of professional quality cover image which stands out.


Everything starts with an idea, which are realistic and technically feasible and simpler.


We create cover image concept which are distinctive, appropriate, practical, simple in form and conveys an intended message.

Our Standards

Showcase the company’s branding

Social media pages’ images consist mainly of a cover/banner image, profile picture and sometimes a background.

Using the correct image sizes

These images will display at different sizes on different devices, but for the best image quality across multiple devices.

Create your designs in RGB color

Social media page designs are only going to be displayed on screen. No CMYK colors here.

Designs visually consistent

Strong brand identity through social media, so make sure that all your designs are visually cohesive across platforms.

Devote more space to images than to text

The brain processes images thousands of times faster than it processes text, and image-based content (especially photos of people) is proven to generate more re-tweets, Facebook shares and other types of engagement than text alone.