From vision to reality

Project Brief

The requirement of the client was a unique logo for the ‘Fruits Box’ and a visually appealing and enchanting website design.

Target Audience

Fruits Box is a service that delivers a healthy box of fruits or vegetables to individuals who can order on a monthly basis. Furthermore, customers can even customize their boxes.

Logo Rough Drafts

To design the logo, the first step is to draft a logo design roughly that pictures the ideas. Thus, our graphic designers created various attractive logo designs that match the objective of the client.

Approved Logo

Lastly, a logo with a leaf on the letter ‘I’ and orange instead of the letter ‘O’ was chosen as the brand identity. It displayed the concept of both veggies and fruits.

Finalized Logo

Color Palette


Sora is a versatile sans-serif font family that comes in eight weights ranging from thin to black.


Custom Icons

Website User Interface design

Other Pages

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