We Provide


Everything starts with an idea, which are realistic and technically feasible and simpler.


Based on specific idea, we design wireframes as a mockup in pre-development phase.


After client satisfaction, we start the development of the website.


After finalising wireframe, we build the prototype to finalize the design.

Visual Design

In next step, we build visual design based on prototypes.

Our Standards

Keep Branding Consistent

Website design that lacks consistent branding is stressful and confusing. There are quite a few brand websites out there that are a bit all over the place.

Create Strong CTAs

Two main goals of a website is to attract a large target market and to tell the customer what you offer.

Mobile Friendly

You might build a great website that looks good when viewed on a desktop or laptop, but when being displayed on a cell phone or tablet, it becomes very cluttered, unorganized, and hard to navigate.

Easy Navigation

The less time it takes for people to find what they’re looking for, the better. People expect loading time to be minimal and navigation to be simple.

Color Scheme

Your website should embody the personality of your brand, and so should your color scheme.



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What Our Customer Says

It was great working with Alian Software and his team again. Communication is excellent, work is done well, and on a quick timeline. Looking forward to the next project!

- Tim Borys

I am thrilled with the completed project. They created for me a beautiful WordPress theme. They did a spectacular job. Great communication, Very easy to work with. I highly recommended them.

- James Martell

The team did a great job. This website make over took a lot of work and it was successful. Kaushik and the Alian Software team did some magical things that I did not expect. I would like to give a special shout out to Jay the web designer, he did a lot of work too and was great. 24 hour communication which was an extra bonus.

- John McNamara

This is one of many projects completed to a great standard. Very happy with the service provided.

- Ruairidh Galbraith

Great understanding of the work required and everything was delivered on time and as-required. Would recommend you and your team to everyone!

- Waleed Shahzad