Here is one of our eminent work and well-managed project on tarot card reading. We are a leading web design and development company having experience in using various technologies and frameworks. We are skilled in Shopify development services and have a well-experienced team of Shopify developers who always strive to deliver the best and out-of-the-box solutions to our clients. We help our clients delivering robust solutions for their business.

The objective of the client:

The client contacted us as he wanted to build a website from scratch. The scenario before having a website was, the client had to manually contact each and every customer and email them about the meetings and answer all the customers’ questions. This was very time consuming for him and he was unable to manage more customers at a time. Also, he wanted to build a platform where he can sell his natural stone jewelry. The client wanted a solution for the same.

Our solution for the client:

We suggested the client to use Shopify as he had products to sell on his website and having a Shopify website is easy to manage and add more products in the future. We helped the client in managing his meetings and manually answering all emails into an automated system. Here once the customer is booking a meeting, an email is automatically generated which sends a form that is to be filled up by the customer. And another email with the Zoom meeting link. This was made possible with the help of a well-known tool Zapier. We integrated Google Calender and Zoom with the client’s website. A reminder is added to the Google Calendar both client-side and the customer side. We made it with on-time client delivery and the client is happy and amazed with the results. This made it at hassle-free and easy to manage for the client.

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