We are a leading UI/UX Design Company serving across countries and to 50+ business industries for a decade. Our well-versed designers are always ready to serve our clients no matter how complicated the design is. We believe in turning our client’s ideas into reality. Our experts have hands-on experience with various designing tools and current market trends. Here is the portfolio of our extra-ordinary designed project.

The objective of the client:

The client came to us for logo and website design. His business concept was educational, but it was extra-ordinary. He wanted to create a platform where students can help other students and earn money and pay the students’ for attending the virtual or physical class. The client wanted us to design the website starting from its logo. He wanted the platform to have features like Upwork where students can post about the live classes that will help other students to join the live classes. And for the payment functionality, the client wanted to include features like Uber that helps the student to go for a sharing class option, where a number of students can attend a single class and contribute to the payment.

Our solution to the client:

Our expert designers designed a logo for the client that represented his brand so well that he was really impressed with it. Further, we choose the visuals like fonts, its color, and the layout for the website. With the decided website layout, our experts started designing the prototype for the client as per his business requirement using one of the well-known tool Photoshop. The client was satisfied with the web design we provided to him and asked us to design a mobile application prototype too. Once again our designers proved themselves with the innovative design delivery and outstanding work. The client was really happy and reverted us with excellent feedback for our teamwork and creativity.

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