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Alian Software offers services like Web design, Web development, Mobile application design, and development. Our professionals have hands-on experience in various and latest technologies and can easily adapt to new trends with the current market trends. We are Shopify partners offering theme-based Shopify customization that is required according to your business needs. Hire our Shopify Developers today and avail the best-in-class services. For more details contact us today.

The objective of the client:

Our client sells glass shield partitions to protect businesses like schools, offices, restaurants, and retail stores. His objective was to build a website that is partly e-commerce but fully informational. Rise in Covid-19 demands such type of products for safety measures and to adopt the new normal following this pandemic. So our client also wanted to write about the safety measures that are to be kept in mind during this pandemic and a few other points related to safety measures. These partition shields are made from Acrylic sheets. Our client customizes the glass according to your requirement including custom design and branding. So we had to provide a solution to our client keeping in mind his requirements and services.

Our solution to the client:

We suggested the client, to go with our Shopify development services as the Shopify CMS is easy to manage and anyone can easily make edits. We designed the website from scratch using Adobe Photoshop. Once the client was happy with the given prototype, our expert Shopify developers started working on the development part. We added a few features to it say cart functionality, payment processors, and live chat. After the design and development process, our quality assurance team made sure every feature added to the website is perfect and user-friendly also that the website is pixel-perfect. The client was happy with the website delivery and was amazed by the website design.

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