Alian Software is a leading web design and development company serving more than 50 countries across the globe. A decade of successful business services had to lead us among the fortune 500 companies. At Alian Software, our experts have vast experience with the latest tools and technologies and are capable of easily adapting the latest versions of the frameworks. We offer a number of services, converting PSD designs into front-end development and taking care of the backend development as well. We convert your PSDs into front-end technologies like Bootstrap, HTML5, Responsive HTML, Shopify, WordPress, and more.

The objective of the client:

The client’s requirement was very simple. He wanted a website that helps him increase his digital presence and promote a product. He wanted a single page static website that showcases his product and its advantages. Let us now have a look at how we helped our client in turning his ideas into a designed and developed website.

Our solution to the client:

The client’s requirement was to build a website using jQuery. Our expert team of designers designed a single-page website design that showcases and fulfills the client’s requirement using Photoshop. After the design was done our professionals developed the static single-page website using jQuery. After the development was done our Quality Assurance team actively checked the website and all the bugs were fixed. A pixel-perfect and bug-free website was delivered to the client. The client was happy with the static website delivered and also was amazed to see the results that he got from the website. Online presence helped him reached across cities and even countries. Our team did an amazing job and was appreciated by the client. At Alian Software, our goal is to turn our clients’ ideas into reality and help them accomplish their business goals. To know more get in touch with us. Click Here.

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