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Vue.js – What is Vue.js?

Vue.js has seen recent upsurge in use for application development among the developers due to its unmatchable adaptability, less complexity & advanced features. As software technologies have tendency of change every now and then. Starting from Individual developers to giant-scale software companies prefers to use most updated & recent technologies in the market.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is an open source JavaScript framework. And it is a progressive JavaScript framework. It is used to build single page applications. It is very flexible as Vue.js allows you to integrate it with any existing applications. This is one of the main reason of being popular among developers.

According to many developers, it has very simple structure and saves a lot of time. It is very simple to understand and you can achieve great results with minimal coding. It is also minimal in size which helps to make application run faster than the applications built on other bulky frameworks.

Why Should I use Vue.js?

In opinion of many Vue.js developers saves a lot of time. And it is also easy to learn & understand, so as far as you know about HTML and JavaScript, you can easily start developing applications using Vue.js. It is a lot simpler than Angular Js and React Js.

Even though it has similarities with React Js, the implementation is totally different in both the technologies.

In comparison to Angular Js, it has higher performance and fast in speed.

So, the fast speed, easy integration, less complexity makes it attractive enough for the developers.


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