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    10+ Best React Libraries

    • December 01, 2022
    • 8 min

    With the release of React js, it has gained popularity all around the globe. Because of its widespread use, several UI frameworks are helpful in aiding you in developing a stunning UI for your React project. The frameworks are simple to use, allowing programmers to create stunning web applications.Developers can complete standard Javascript operations by using these react libraries. The top React libraries that provide particular functions are in this blog. Let’s dig in.

    Material UI:

    Material-UI is among the most popular React UI frameworks, with 82.8K stars on Github. We can do web development more quickly and easily thanks to some of the most prominent React components. Either begin with material design or simply and rapidly construct your own conceptual design. The major goal of the React library is to offer developers a large variety of clean and small, highly adaptable components.

    The React programming library has a number of fascinating, ready-to-use elements. We can plug it into any project without the need for application developers. The material UI also provides a variety of tools and APIs. This helps in increasing the app’s construction.

    Semantic UI React:

    It’s amazing to have a bespoke library that has a combination of React and Semantic UI. This library does not have jQuery and virtual DOM. Also, the advantage of the Semantic UI React library is numerous customizable elements. This allows for unleashing the creativity of the developers. The development experts may easily access the creation of attractive and flexible web pages with clear code. It helps in reducing the stress of rapid coding. But, sometimes there is the possibility of complicated challenges. Companies like Cherpa,, Payfazz, etc.


    As a design framework for enterprise solutions, Ant design ranks among the best react libraries. Ant Design features plenty of UI components that provide a full and versatile structure. Along with these numerous components, it is easier to use them. The development of Ant design is in Typescript with static types. The perk of it is the international language support. Thus, helps non-native developers. It also helps in the nesting of UI components. With its comprehensive set of development tools, its aids in creating interactive UI. Installing Ant Design is simple. You can install it using npm if you have node.js and npm. Companies like Tencent, Alibaba, Meituan, Baidu, Didi, Koubei, Eleme, etc.

    Blueprint UI:

    Bluprint UI is an open-source react library. Palantir created it. It is different from other react libraries in terms of creating complex desktop apps. It separates component libraries according to to use cases. Datetime components, Select components, Icon components, Core components, and so on are some of the components in Blueprint UI. Also, there is a lot of documentation for Blueprint. Still, it has a small community and support. As mentioned above, blueprint UI is a perfect match for developing heavy desktop apps and web apps.

    Fluent UI:

    Fabric React is now known as Fluent UI. Presently, Microsoft’s development team uses Fluent UI. The components, including behaviors and aesthetics, are identical to the Office product, which distinguishes it. You may also obtain a UI library that is compatible with the PC, iOS, and Android. Fluent UI provides pre-built elements that may be used to construct the majority of the app’s sections. To mention a few capabilities, the framework contains vital inputs, alerts, and panels.

    These capabilities are also simple to implement and give default configurations that are adequate for the majority of instances. Fluent UI has a basic approach, using CSS for all of its parts. Because of this, modifying a single component will not affect your whole look. Due to the fact that Fluent UI is among the best React libraries, it is appropriate for web development.


    React-Bootstrap includes UI design components for both mobile and web apps. It is a complete redesign of React. It performs without the need for bootstrap.js or jQuery. One can achieve 100% support with the existing React-Bootstrap styles. React-Bootstrap has complete control over a large number of elements. It revives the previous thrill of utilizing suitable Bootstrap themes including Bootstrap CSS. By employing reusable and quicker coding techniques, developers may code more rapidly and easily.

    React Motion:

    React Motion aids in animating components. It helps to produce lifelike animations using physics. It is one of the React libraries that meets the demands of producing animations with countless potential outcomes. Along with that, the documentation of React motion is simple. Just by setting stiffness and damping value, the react motion itself will create realistic animations. As a result, React motion is quite popular to get 21.3K stars on Github.


    The most striking aspect of Redux is unquestionably how predictable it is. Selecting the values your components should offer is the only thing left to accomplish. Through the relevant interface, they will be automatically retrieved, updated, and informed. As a result, it’s an easy-to-use interface that lets you test your code in a variety of situations and precisely assess the results. Additionally, it has 58.9K GitHub ratings, placing it in the best component libraries category.

    React Router:

    In React Router, you can combine certain components declaratively and create apps. Due to this, it became popular and gained 48.9K stars on GitHub. It also enables you to bookmark URLs. For single-page apps, it makes it easy for navigation. Additionally, the library offers server-side rendering with extensive support for exact nesting, as well as smooth screen-to-screen switching.

    React 360:

    For building virtual reality and 360-degree experiences, React 360 is one of the greatest frameworks available. We can create everything that works flawlessly. React guarantees the creation of mobile, desktops, and VR headsets. This library’s main objective is to simplify the difficult VR and 3D UI creation process. In fact, React 360 claims an engaging UX by employing the same elements and technologies as React VR. Presently, React 360 has 8.7K GitHub stars.

    React Suite:

    The library contains the essential elements a web developer needs to create the majority of the best online applications. React Suite includes contemporary apps for the color scheme, a selection of clear and simple icons, and customizable themes. Obtaining the library using the straightforward command is fast. A color scheme, a variety of plain and uncomplicated icons, and contemporary tools for personalizing themes are all included in React Suite. This react library makes sure that prominent web browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome are supported in their most recent iterations.


    Airbnb created the react library VisX. VisX eliminates the need to copy and paste several React hooks by separating away the d3 specifics and offering the elements and utilities. Additionally, there are additional VisX-made programs that assist you in properly tracking your job.


    The list of the most well-liked and rapidly expanding React libraries is at your fingertips, and each one is supported by a number of different systems. Consider reviewing technologies that can keep you centered on saving you a massive amount of time throughout web or app development before deciding to move on with a React project.

    What is the use of React Library?
    The JavaScript library React is used to design user interfaces for both internet and mobile applications. It has elements, which are brief segments of reused code. The elements are simple to connect with other libraries and JavaScript elements.
    Name the top React Libraries.
    A few of the top React libraries are Ant Design, Semantic UI, React-Bootstrap, Material UI, and Blueprint UI.
    Are React VR and React 360 the same?

    Web-based VR apps may be made using the React VR framework whereas React 360 is a framework for building interactive, web-based 360-degree experiences.

    Which is the most popular React UI library?

    Material UI has 82.8K stars on GitHub making it popular among all React libraries.

    Is React hooks a library?

    React Hook Form is a React library based on performance and gives flexibility. It is a library without dependencies.

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