Our Software Development services

We help in finding the IT solutions for the challenges faced by the manufacturing industries and provide development services to build the software solution.

UI/UX Design

We offer UI designing and UX services for web or mobile applications of product manufacturing industries.

Custom Application Development

Our custom application development services include the building of web or mobile applications to meet business goals.

Maintenance of Application

We offer regular maintenance services to make sure the application is bug-free, functions smoothly and has no performance issues.

Third-Party Integration

Our third-party integration services enable the software to be more flexible and provide user with access to additional capabilities.

Application Upgradation

We offer upgrade services to broaden the functionality and improve the features of an existing application.

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Our Software Solutions

Our skilled developers help in developing customized software for manufacturing companies to manage the products manufactured, billing and sales.


Inventory Management

It permits a manufacturing firm to keep track of the manufactured products, as well as to order new goods or restock old ones. It benefits in preventing product overstocking, enabling businesses to better manage their expenditure. Even shipping may be linked to it so that items can be tracked throughout delivery.
Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management

This software solution helps to manage purchase orders and track their progress. It keeps track of all relevant details, such as order number, payment terms, delivery date and so on. This makes it easier to plan ahead and helps reduce the risk of financial loss.

Increase in Conversion Rate

Invoice Management

This software allows you to generate invoices and keep track of payments and other details related to each transaction. It can also be used to create reports that keep track of the accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

This software is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. It is used to monitor inventory in warehouses, order fulfilment and monitor manufacturing. Warehouse management software can also be used to optimize order processing, reduce labour costs and enhance efficiency.

Order Management

Order Management

Tracking and managing orders are crucial for any business. All information and procedures, including order entry, product management, payment, cancellation, refund and fulfilment; all are digitally tracked by order management software.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

The objective of this software is to ensure that items are produced on schedule time and are of a high calibre. It helps businesses by keeping track of all stages of production, costs and other relevant data. It also helps businesses streamline their operations and increase their profits.

Benefits of choosing us

Benefits of choosing us

Alian Software has worked with many fortune product manufacturing companies and has delivered software that are simple to implement.

Detailed Analysis of Software Requirements

Finest UI/UX

Low-cost application development

Flexible to work across time zones

Skilled front-end and back-end developers

Weekly progress update

Professional software testing team

Timely software delivery

Do you want to build Product Lifecycle Management software?

Privileges of Working with us

We follow detailed plan to develop your custom software that fulfils all your business requirements and delivers it on scheduled time.

Market Analysis

Evaluation of Idea

Obtaining Requirements

Information Gathering

E-commerce Consultation


Attractive Storefronts

Designing UI

Creating Store

User Experience

Conversion rate Technique

Tech Selection

Easy Page Navigation

Software Development

Real Device Testing

Quality Assurance

Going Live


Success Stories

Let our projects speak about our expertise.

An advanced chatting application combining work and social life
Google Firebase, Node JS, React Native, Vue.JS
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Stylish Shopify store for a well-known footwear brand
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A learning management application for E-learning
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Virtualised Sommelier’s assistance by developing Mobile Application
Google Firebase, Node JS, React Native, Vue.JS
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Client’s love for us

"They did an amazing job, really went above and beyond and was very patient with the delays on our side and the changes. They also created to a much higher design aesthetic than we could have imagined, they did an incredible job."
Ravi Bhojwani
"This is the best WordPress team out there! I can't stress enough how professional this team is and their ability to get it done. The quality of their work is really high."
Riaan Gouws
"I highly recommend their team and they are very skilled in website development. I love the work they do!"
Hashim Awan
"Really great to work with. Delivered quickly and with great quality."
Jean-Michel Godin
"Fantastic design - really pleased. The website looks unique and just as I described. Will definitely be using their services again. High recommendations."
Foster Brown
"Alian was great to work with. Eager to work on my project, responsive, and completed all tasks on time. Took the initiative to offer other services that could help my team out. I appreciate the high quality work and having a team who was so on point and reliable. Thank you!"
Alicia Laperuta

Commonly Asked

How Warehouse Management software would help a manufacturing company?

Warehouse management software helps in tracking the products of the warehouse which gives an idea to manufacture products during restocking.

Where to develop low-cost Purchase Order Management Software?

We provide a low-cost custom Purchase Order Management Software development service to manage purchase orders.

Can inventory management software be monitored remotely?

Yes, It is possible to monitor the inventories remotely and can be viewed on the smartphone.

What is product lifecycle management software?

It is the software that makes sure to manufacture products in schedule time and keeps track of products’ manufacturing stages.

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