Services for Logistics Handling

We provide several software development services that include all aspects of logistic operations and management helping businesses to grow.


Our designers provide UI that reflects the logistics business and take care in giving an excellent user experience.

Custom Website and Web App Development

We help in developing comprehensive websites and web applications that cover all the requirements of a logistics firm.

Custom Mobile App Development

We help our clients to develop a custom mobile application that includes various features like GPS asset tracking, invoice creation, order management etc.

Maintenance of Software

To maintain the software’s incredible performance, security, and functionality, our development team offers convenient maintenance support.

Third-Party Integration Service

We provide services for the existing application, facilitating the integration of third-party applications to customize it.

Software Upgradation

As the preferences changes over time and businesses evolve, we provide software upgradation services to add new functionalities.

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Our Software Solutions

Alian Software provides the latest solutions for the logistics and supply chain management sector to improve operations of the company and communication among firms, their suppliers, and customers.

Education-Software-Development-School Management Software

Freight Management

We help in the development of online or mobile apps that help in the optimization of supply chain processes. It suggests a supply and time path. This speeds up the process and enhances the overall efficiency of the supply chain. As a result, both time and money are saved for product supply.

GPS asset tracking software

Tracking the asset helps in calculating delivery time and maintaining the asset’s safety. We develop an app with a Gps integration that monitors products as they are delivered and enables their whereabouts to be accessed remotely on any device.


Inventory Management

Warehouse management may be difficult for both small and large logistics organizations. To assist with this, we provide an inventory management web or mobile application in which you can enter inventory information. The application effectively and securely stores the information for future management processes.

Education-Software-Development-Online Class Booking Software

Order Management

We help in the development of online or mobile applications that manage orders automatically and save time. The application covers all order management procedures such as collecting the order, filling in the order data, safely storing the record, and tracking the order while shipping.


Customer Management

We build online and mobile apps to assist in customer management. The application creates customer profiles, stores the information, allows them to book their order, collects reviews, and provides information about the order supply.


Accounting Management

Our developers provide software that helps in the systematic management of accounting in a logistic organization. It can handle all day-to-day financial activities such as spending management, revenue and budget management, payable accounts, and so on.


Invoice Management

We offer an invoice management solution by creating custom software that matches your needs. It aids in the generation of invoices as well as in safely storing the invoices on the server. It provides a backup of the data for future use. It also maintains data from suppliers and customers.

From vision to reality

Benefits of choosing us

With our decade of experience and expert tech professionals, we help in developing custom software that is easy to use and meets the business objectives.

Complete analysis of software development objective

Premium UI and UX development

Low-cost software development

Proficient software developers

Weekly progress updates

Flexible to work in different time zones

High-standard and timely software deployment

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Privileges of Working with us

We follow a detailed plan to develop your custom software that fulfils all your business requirements and delivers it on the scheduled time.

Market Analysis

Evaluation of Idea

Obtaining Requirements

Information Gathering

E-commerce Consultation


Attractive Storefronts

User Interface design

Creating Store

Best User Experience

Tech Selection

Tech Selection

Easy Page Navigation

Software Development

Real Device Testing

Precise Quality Assurance

Going Live

Software Implementation

Success Stories

Let our projects speak about our expertise.

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Google Firebase, Node JS, React Native, Vue.JS
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Stylish Shopify store for a well-known footwear brand
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A learning management application for E-learning
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Mobile app for sommelier board
Virtualised Sommelier’s assistance by developing Mobile Application
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Client’s love for us

They did an amazing job, really went above and beyond and was very patient with the delays on our side and the changes. They also created to a much higher design aesthetic than we could have imagined, they did an incredible job.
Ravi Bhojani
This is the best WordPress team out there! I can't stress enough how professional this team is and their ability to get it done. The quality of their work is really high.
Riaan Gouws
I highly recommend their team and they are very skilled in website development. I love the work they do!
Hashim Awan
Really great to work with. Delivered quickly and with great quality.
Jean-Michel Godin
Fantastic design - really pleased. The website looks unique and just as I described. Will definitely be using their services again. High recommendations.
Foster Brown
Alian was great to work with. Eager to work on my project, responsive, and completed all tasks on time. Took the initiative to offer other services that could help my team out. I appreciate the high quality work and having a team who was so on point and reliable. Thank you!
Alicia Laperuta

Commonly Asked

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Where to build logistics management software?

We provide custom logistics development services from UI designing to software implementation with the finest user experience.

What is Inventory Management software?

Inventory management software adds the inventories, views them on any device and keeps its record.

How does software help in logistics management?

The software helps by tracking the goods, managing records and generating invoices. It makes management quicker and simpler.

How to manage logistics orders easily?

We help in developing Order Management Software which helps in automating management like order collecting, tracking and delivery.

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