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    5 Proven Strategies to increase sales on Shopify

    • March 31, 2023
    • 5 min

    It is expected that in 2023, the eCommerce market will reach US$1,011 billion. Furthermore, there has been a growth in the number of individuals starting their own online stores as a result of the popularity of e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Due to such an increase in stores, launching a successful Shopify site and attracting customers might be difficult.I'm sure you've heard that paid advertising through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will help you to boost sales on Shopify. But will this be enough to guarantee steady Shopify sales? Alternatively, do you think that only social media will aid in sales? To help you increase sales on Shopify, here's a list of 5 proven strategies. You can follow these strategies and make your brand stand out from the competition. First, we need to figure out why your site is successful in bringing in traffic but not making any sales.

    Reasons for lack of increase in sales on Shopify

    It’s usual for Shopify stores to have traffic but no orders at first. If this sounds familiar, consider the following scenarios that might be causing you to have an increase in visitors but no corresponding increase in sales:

    • The first reason can be the store’s UI/UX. A simple and clear user experience increases user engagement. You need to check your store’s navigation. If it’s not easier for users to browse the products in your store, then they will leave the store immediately. Therefore, this can be a reason for your store’s low conversion rates regardless of how many people visit the store.
    • Another reason may be your Call-to-action. Your Shopify store should include calls to action (CTAs), that softly lead visitors in the direction of making a purchase. If implemented properly, this powerful addition to Shopify can lead more sales on its own. A lack of conversions despite high visitor numbers may be due to poorly written or poorly placed calls to action (CTAs).
    • Many online stores with plenty of visitors but few purchases have dull product descriptions. In most cases, creating engaging content for diverse product pages requires significant effort, time, and imagination. As unfortunate as it may be, many internet merchants go for the easy route and use generic descriptions for their items. Although this will increase traffic and save you time, it is difficult to grab the attention of your site’s visitors. As a result, people often leave the Shopify store without placing any orders.
    • Lastly, it can be your checkout process. If the checkout process is too long and difficult, there is a high chance that visitors will not proceed to buy the products.

    Results of our strategies to increase Shopify sales

    Apart from the 5 strategies mentioned in this post below, Shopify experts at Alian Software provide various unique and cost-effective techniques that help our clients to generate revenue in millions. Have a look at the total sales of our fortune clients provided above.

    5 Methods to increase Shopify sales

    You must be knowing some of the techniques like social media advertisements, SEO campaigns, improving user experience and page designs and so on. Here, I have listed 5 cost-effective methods that will help you in generating sales on Shopify

    • Make an Awesome Call-to-Action: The most common definition of a call to action (CTA) is a phrase used in marketing to encourage a desired action from a website visitor. Consider CTAs as customer magnets for increasing sales and memberships. In order to succeed, it is recommended that you make a creative and brand focusing call-to-action.
    • Sell customizable products: It is possible to increase Shopify sales on Shopify by offering customized items. You can integrate third-party apps on your Shopify store to let users customize the product. Customers are far more likely to purchase anything that can be customized to their own requirements and choices. You can also offer a few products for customization instead of all.
    • Allow Buy Now, Pay Later Option:What’s the better approach to attract customers during economic downturns than to offer them the opportunity to Pay Later on your Shopify Store? It’s widely recognized as one of the most effective strategies for boosting consumer engagement and retaining customers on e-commerce platforms. Using it in your checkouts has the ability to boost client confidence and turn one-time purchasers into lifelong customers.
    • Add Real-time Chat Support: One way to obtain instantaneous assistance from a customer service representative is via live chat. As compared to more conventional channels of contact, live chat provides a far more rapid method of addressing consumer concerns and boosting revenue. Live chat is the only way to satisfy the expectations of customers who demand instantaneous service.
    • Drive sales via push notifications:Problems with the checkout process, poorly designed product pages, higher-than-anticipated shipping costs, etc., all contribute to a high abandonment rate for online shopping carts. Despite how scary this situation may sound, a simple push message may easily reverse it for your Shopify store. An alert, like a cart abandonment message, is a basic notification that takes the shape of an on-screen popup and is delivered to the client to tempt them to complete the transaction.


    All of the aforementioned tips are low-cost yet effective ways to boost traffic and revenue on your Shopify store. Explore them, and use the tactics that appear most appropriate for your store. If you need more trendy ideas to increase sales on Shopify, book a FREE consultation with our Shopify experts.


    Why there is high traffic but no sales on shopify?
    The reason behind high traffic but fewer sales may be because of poor UI/UX, CTAs or checkout process.
    How to increase sales on Shopify?
    There are many methods to increase sales like email marketing, social media advertisements, SEO campaigns, improving user experience and page designs and so on.
    Which are the best Shopify apps to increase sales?
    There are many apps to increase sales on Shopify like PushEngage, Yotpo, Plug-in-SEO and so on. Read this blog Best apps To Increase Revenue In Shopify to know more.
    What sells a lot on Shopify?
    Apparels, Accessories, hair products, and nutrition supplements have more sales on Shopify.
    Who is Shopify's biggest competitor?
    BigCommerce is the biggest competitor of Shopify.

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