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    A Website design Freebie Guide

    • December 30, 2022
    • 5 min

    Users will spend more time on your website if it is pleasing to the eye and operates without slowdowns. The website design has the potential to have a notable impact on how popular it is. With the appropriate design tools, standards, and graphical elements, you are more capable of achieving your web design goal. The effectiveness of your website comes from how easy it is to use. This article will guide you through various important points of website design.

    Think and analyze before you do website design

    The first thing you need to do before web design is to work out what is the primary purpose of the site. What are the web design requirements? How will you hire a skilled website designer? Should you contact a website design company?

    There are several types of websites. It’s possible that you’d wish to make the website for e-commerce or Blogging. Or you want to make a landing page for your product. Or you need a website design for your brand. Furthermore, each website will have several pages, graphics, and some content. For instance, an e-commerce web design needs an attractive and engaging design with a tempting CTA. On the other hand, your Blogging site needs a simple but information-oriented web design. Thus, keeping these in mind, a website designer designs a web design.

    You need to define the goal of your website. Make a list of things users would get when they visit your website. Set the target audience you want to reach.  Decide the graphic elements you need. Whether you want to add videos to your website or only photos.

    Research ideas for website design

    If you hire a website designer, this task is easy. An experienced website designer is prone to web design for different niches. You have to share just your views and explain the goal of the website. In case you hire a website design company, you can rely on it and get desired output. Furthermore, a web design company has various design ideas that can make your website more effective. However, if you need to design your website yourself and need a variety of web design templates, visit EARTHYELLOW. You will find elegant and stunning templates at a low cost!

    You can also get inspiration from various websites. Moreover, you should check out the web design of your competitors. It is possible to get some insight into what users find on a company website. Websites like SEMrush may assist you to find your direct competitors, in the event that you are unaware of who they are. You should also look into the emerging advancements in web design.

    Choose the platform & web design theme

    After proper research and analysis, go ahead to select the platform of the website. We are taking you to the most useful platforms that suit different website goals.

    • WordPress: WordPress is without a doubt the most famous web platform. It powers 32% of self-hosted sites. It is because you can customize it in a variety of different ways. You can have a unique web design using WordPress page builders. A skilled website designer or website design company can help you with it. Secondly, you need to buy a WordPress theme for the website you create. Well, you can also opt for free themes.
    • Wix: Wix is also a website-building platform that works similarly to drag-and-drop. Look at their web design templates. Furthermore, you may access statistics and SEO, and establish an advertising program with your Wix site.
    • Squarespace: Squarespace is user-friendly and allows individuals to create stunning websites using a drag-and-drop approach. This facilitates the creation of websites by users who have little to no prior knowledge of web design. You can choose the web design template and personalize it. Additionally, Squarespace integrates with a variety of website technologies, such as Google Analytics, and enables users to provide essential SEO data.
    • Pixpa: Pixpa is a tool that does not need users to write any code in order to produce stunning, modern websites. You can create a web shop, weblogs, and customer portfolios. Therefore, you can display your creation, convey your ideas, and conduct business online. You can avail 15-day trial and check out the web design templates.

    You can customize the theme by choosing a style, fonts, and color that reflects your brand. For example, serif typefaces end with strokes decoratively. Monetary, governmental, and legal entities like them because they signify power and formality.

    Page setup & Graphics

    The next step in website design is to set up pages. Go with the hierarchy. Home, About page, Product, Blog page, Contact page. A homepage must explain its purpose and content to visitors. The web design should also give a good initial impact to encourage visitors to browse. The about page is great for sharing your narrative, and ideals, and connecting with the viewers.

    The contact page generally contains the firm’s contact information, social media accounts, and an accessible map of its location. A blog page usually displays the highlights of the article. Thus, each company and website’s purpose is distinct. So, ensure your web design covers the most significant services, functions, elements, etc. Furthermore, graphics is a great approach to tempt customers. In case you sell things, make eye-catching brand visuals. Make enchanting pop-ups for increasing the conversion rate. Design fancy call-to-actions. After designing you can move forward with website development. You can work with a website design company for that.


    The creation of a website may seem to be challenging; nevertheless, this is not at all the case. Even though every website is unique, a well-designed website should always put an emphasis on being visually enchanting. Now you can start on website design to expand your business and attract clients.


    What is a good website design?

    Good website design communicates its idea and engages visitors. Web design includes clarity, colors, font, images, elegance, and usefulness.

    Can I build a website for free?
    Website creation platforms like Wix and WordPress are available for free.
    Which template is best for web design?

    You can find different templates for your website here at a low cost.

    Do professional website designer use templates?
    Yes, for simple tasks and small projects a skilled website designer implements templates.
    Is Wix free to use?
    Yes, Wix has a free plan. It also has seven pricing plans.

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