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    ChatGPT tool development using OpenAI

    • February 07, 2023
    • 5 min

    People all over the globe have been worried about artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to take over the world in the near future. However, it was predicted that it would emerge in the field of literature. ChatGPT- a chatbot built using OpenAI's technology GPT-3, is at the forefront of people's minds nowadays. From its very debut, it composed essays, wrote scripts, debugged code, and gave answers to numerous questions. In this blog, we will discuss how tools like ChatGPT are useful and how to develop one.

    What is ChatGPT?

    ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven language tool built by OpenAI. It is made by OpenAI’s technology GPT-3. This AI tool has been taught a wide variety of material from the internet, and it is able to respond in a manner that is convincingly natural. It has been optimized for a variety of natural communication handling tasks, including discussion, text production, and replying to questions. Thus, it has the potential to save time, increase the efficiency of specific jobs, have interactions, and provide 24/7 availability. At present, it is free software for use.

    How ChatGPT works?

    To create text answers that are human-like, it employs methods from deep learning and Generative Pre-trained Transformer-3. Because it has been trained on such a large volume of text material, it is capable of understanding context and providing replies that are logical and organized sensibly.

    • ChatGPT employs a set of techniques to analyze the user’s query and provide a response whenever the user enters a query into the application.
    • Firstly, the user inputs a query.
    • That query is broken down into separate words using a process called tokenization.
    • Every word is then mapped to numeric values using a technique called word embedding. This process accurately conveys the meaning of the word.
    • Thereafter, it is sent to the encoder with many layers and then sent to the decoder.
    • The decoder is like a predictor where it can correctly guess an answer to a query.
    • The ultimate output is produced by taking a sample from the decoder’s probability distribution across the vocab at every stage and picking the word that has the greatest probability.
    • This continues till the tool reaches a certain length or a unique signal that indicates to end.

    You have now understood the working process of ChatGPT. To develop an AI tool like this, expertise in NLP(Natural Language Processing) and ML is required. In case, you are planning to develop such a tool using OpenAI, experts from Alian Software can help..

    How to develop a tool like ChatGPT?

    • Plan: Firstly, make a choice about the particular activity or activities that you want your AI tool to carry out. This will help you identify the sort of program data and resources you will require.
    • Hire: In the next step, you need to learn OpenAI GPT-3 architecture and get familiar with its operating principles. You can also hire ML and deep learning developers who are skilled and experienced with GPT-3 of OpenAI.
    • Gather and Clean: Acquire as much textual information as possible and then categorize it. It is necessary to clean and categorize this data in order to get rid of any extraneous information, such as punctuation, and special characters.
    • Tokenization: You need to tokenize the data. It means breaking it up into tiny parts, such as words. The technique of tokenization involves dividing the content into smaller pieces that may then be utilized in the training of the AI tool.
    • Train: During this step, your AI tool is trained using a large body of textual data in order for it to get familiar with the fundamental linguistic patterns. You can use OpenAI’s GPT-3. Here, the tool is taught to predict the next word of the sentence in relation to the previous words.
    • Tune: It is the process of further training an AI tool that has already been trained on a big dataset using a more limited dataset. This way, your AI tool is able to adapt to the new challenge while also maintaining the information it gained from the bigger dataset.
    • Evaluate: In this phase, you need to check if your AI tool performs correctly. It gives a way of verifying the precision and potency of the AI tool.
    • Launch: After evaluating the tool, you can launch it to use as a chatbot or for other NLP uses.

    How much it costs to develop an AI tool like ChatGPT?

    The cost of developing an AI tool depends on various factors such as technology, team, time, and data. It will cost more money if you recruit a team of skilled ML engineers and NLP researchers. However, a small team of experts will help you in limiting expenses. Furthermore, the cost depends on the expenses of cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, or Microsoft Azure and technology like OpenAI.

    Additionally, the cost of obtaining and preparing the data needed to train your AI tool might be a substantial additional expense. If you have to buy the data or pay for a license to use it, the price will be greater. Lastly, the amount of time that must be invested to create your AI tool will also have an effect on the total cost. The cost will be greater if the process of development takes a long time and is complicated.


    The success of ChatGPT in the research phase proves the high demand for NLP tools in the world. But, the expense of building such an AI tool might run anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is essential to choose a skilled and experienced team while staying within the budget. Schedule a FREE Consultation for your AI project and avail cost-effective development quote.



    When was ChatGPT released?

    ChatGPT was released on November 30, 2022, by OpenAI.

    Can ChatGPT write essays?

    Yes, it can write essays of 250-300 words. You need to just give a topic and it will provide you with an essay in seconds.

    Does ChatGPT save data?

    Yes, ChatGPT stores your conversation history. You can view it by clicking on the panel on the left or can delete it by clicking on the clear conversation button.

    What does GPT stand for?

    The full form of GPT is Generative Pre-training Transformer.

    How to use ChatGPT?

    Create an account on it and start your chat by typing your query in the text box.

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