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    Cost for an E-learning App: What’s Involved?

    • March 22, 2023
    • 6 min

    As the Education industry is becoming the most promising investment area, the need for developing an educational mobile app is rising. You have arrived at the right spot if you are an entrepreneur or the owner of an educational organization with an idea for useful educational software. This article discusses the processes involved in creating an e-learning app, the most common kinds of educational applications, their features, development cost, and the benefits they provide. Let's get started.

    What do you mean by an e-learning app?

    An e-learning app can be a web or mobile app developed to aid distant education in any way. Online education, especially independent study, is supported and encouraged. Apps may be found in a wide variety of contexts, from those designed for children to those designed to help working adults develop their expertise in specialized areas. Furthermore, the educational app can be customized for schools or universities to fulfil other administrative and management activities.

    A university can develop its own e-learning portal which facilitates faculties to take learning sessions and can track the attendance of students regularly. It can also be customized for online fee payment and other management transactions. Therefore, let’s know more about some important features and functionalities that an educational app should have.

    What are the important features of an e-learning app?

    There are so many online learning apps for students in the market that it’s hard to figure out which ones have the best features and functionalities. Furthermore, adding more complex functionality increases development costs.

    The following are the basic elements of an educational app:

    • Simple sign-in: A great learning app will include a dashboard and a simple sign-in process. By eliminating unnecessary steps, students can focus on their schoolwork. Additionally, the dashboard enables students to create personalized profiles and track their progress.
    • Notes and recording:Since session recordings will be available, students will feel relaxed as they can review the topic even after attending a live class. Furthermore, the notes feature will allow students to mark important points they find during the live class.
    • Notifications: Adding app notifications will help students to stay updated regarding attending the sessions, fee payment, assignments, and submission deadlines.
    • File sharing: An online instructor may like to share some material regarding the topic during or after the session. Therefore, an e-learning app should have the functionality of sharing files.
    • Fees Payment: In this digital era where people are using digital payment options more compared to cash or cheque, it is crucial to facilitate the education app users with online fee payment and receipt management.

    What is the process of development?

    Generally, app development companies follow many different development steps. We at Alian Software follow the following process to develop an e-learning app.

    • Analysis: We analyze the client’s e-learning project requirements in detail and provide the client with some unique features to add that can make it a successful education solution.
    • Tech stack: We choose the best suitable technologies to develop the e-learning web or mobile application.
    • UI/UX: After selecting the tech stack for the project, we design clear & simple UX and creative & eye-catching UI for the educational app.
    • Development: As the client approves the UI/UX design, we move forward to development. Our skilled tech developers build the front end of the app and integrate it with the secure back end.
    • Testing: Our QA team comes into the picture after the development. They test the app and fix bugs or errors before the launch of the app.
    • Launch and Maintenance: After perfect testing and fixing the bugs, the app is released in the market. After getting the response and reviews from the app users, we do necessary upgrades regularly and add additional features to it.

    What is the cost of building an e-learning app?

    Determining an accurate budget for creating an educational app is difficult. The development budget for an e-learning MVP approximately ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. It’s not only the features and technology used that affect the final price, but also things like app complexity, design, development time, and location.

    Imagine a really simple app for a mobile device. It will take between three to six months to complete the development. You should expect to pay $35,000 – $75,000 to have such an app made. It will take around 6-10 months to create somewhat complex e-learning software. Because of this, prices may range approx. between $75,000 to $1,30,000.

    Finally, if it needs more than 10 months to build a very sophisticated mobile app with extensive functionality and API connectors, the total cost of development will be approx. between $200,000 and $3,000,000. An agency in India can make an e-learning app for a low price from $20,000 to $45,000. Expenses may range widely.


    There are several benefits of developing educational applications for learners. They improve the quality of education and allow students to study when it is most convenient for them. The perfect learning software would encourage student engagement, help them focus on the topic, and make them feel relaxed. Explore how we built a teaching web and mobile application – Tutorline. Feel free to contact us to work on your e-learning app development project or avail FREE consultation now..


    What is an e-learning mobile app?

    You may take a distance education course from any location thanks to e-learning mobile apps. You can interact with classmates and professors from all around the world by participating in virtual classrooms.

    Which is the best e-learning app for learning languages?

    Duolingo is the best educational app to learn different languages anytime, anywhere. You can learn 40+ different languages.

    How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app?
    The development budget for an e-learning MVP approximately ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. It’s not only the features and technology used that affect the final price, but also things like app complexity, design, development time, and location.
    Are e-learning platforms profitable?
    Yes, if you provide the best courses in the app with a clear and interactive app user experience, you can earn more from your e-learning platform.
    What should an educational app include?
    An educational app should include basic features like a simple sign-in process, user profile customization, courses, file sharing, payment options, and a notes section.

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