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    Understanding the cost of development of e-commerce apps like Shein

    • May 15, 2023
    • 5 min

    Apps that allow users to buy online from the convenience of their own homes have become more popular. They are like a tool for consumers to have access to a broad variety of lifestyle brands. Thus, many retailers try to go for their consumers' needs by building an e-commerce app.Shein is one of the leading e-commerce companies, having expanded to 40% of market share in the US. Shein provides its consumers with everything they may want, including access to thousands of items from hundreds of Chinese brands, a wide variety of payment choices, and adaptable exchange and refund policies. The shopping experience for the customer is streamlined, from browsing through checkout.Startups need to enter the eCommerce sector now to ensure a steady income stream. The increasing popularity of e-commerce apps like Shien may be primarily due to the young and tech-savvy population of the United States. So the question is, what would be the cost of building apps like Shien? As a rough estimate, it may cost approx. anywhere from $80,000 to $1,15,000 to create mobile apps like Shein. But, the location of the mobile app development company, the UI/UX design of the app, the tech stack, the app's functionality, etc. all have a role in the final price tag. Let’s understand this in detail.

    What is the cost of building apps like Shein?

    What is the cost of building apps like SHEIN
    The process of creating apps like Shein and the overall expense may be broken down into these 5 distinct phases.


    In this phase, you need to do proper market research. Furthermore, you need to decide the audience you want to target. For example, if you want to acquire iOS users, you can go for iOS app development else cross-platform app development for a wide audience of both Android and iOS.

    After that, you need to make a proper app development strategy. If you are a tech expert, you can do it by yourself else a web or mobile app development agency can help in building eCommerce apps like Shien. You can also go for expert consultations for this phase. That can cost you approx. $1,500 to $2,500 in the USA.


    The design of the app’s UI and UX are essential elements of any successful eCommerce app. It can influence user acquisition, customer happiness, and revenue generation. Investment in UI/UX design, however, will increase the cost of developing the app as a whole. You may keep the expenses down by prioritizing the demands of your target audience above flashy extras in development. To do this, it’s important to collaborate closely with UI/UX designers and have a strategic plan.

    Furthermore, you need to add AI-based search functionality to increase the precision and timeliness of search results. Creating a natural and intuitive user flow that leads users directly to the results they want to do is another technique to simplify the UI/UX. Thus, investing in UI/UX design may increase the cost of development but, you can get the benefit in the form of increased revenue. This may cost you approx. $25,000 to $30,000.


    The idea of eCommerce apps like Shein takes shape in the development phase. The designs and functionality developed in earlier phases must now be implemented in code. The tech team will create a flexible application that runs on a broad variety of devices. Cutting-edge innovations like AI and blockchain may be included in the app to boost its use and safety.

    Better search results, more tailored product suggestions, and fully automated service delivery are all possible thanks to artificial intelligence. The e-commerce app’s development phase ends when all necessary features are included. This phase may cost you approx. $50,000 to $80,000.


    To ensure that your eCommerce app functions as intended, testing is an integral element of the building process. Before releasing the software to the public, QA testing might reveal any vulnerabilities or bugs that require fixing. Businesses may save money in the long term by investing in testing and maintenance to lower support costs along with customer happiness. App testing may cost you approx. $5,000 to 7,000


    After extensive testing and problem fixes, the app may be made available in app stores. The app may, for instance, be required to follow certain security guidelines, provide correct information to users, and not include any inappropriate material. App store publishing fees might change from one platform to the next and from one country to the next. Thus, the deployment may cost you approx. $2,000 to $3,000. Lastly, the overall cost of developing e-commerce apps like Shein may reach $100K.

    What are the amazing features to keep in apps like Shein?

    Building just an eCommerce app will not make it successful. But, some of the trending and engaging features can make your app interesting. Some qualities that clothing apps like Shein should have are listed below.

    • Among the most important requirements for eCommerce apps like Shein from the seller’s perspective is the capacity to manage product listings, including adding, editing, and removing them. Sellers should be able to update their product listings in your app without needing to get in touch with support.
    • ML algorithms may enhance the user experience and boost revenue by making recommendations for products based on a customer’s prior purchases, browsing activity, and other info.
    • Customer satisfaction may be increased by offering in-app chat or customer assistance for any inquiries or problems that users may have.


    It is necessary to hire professional tech developers for creating eCommerce apps like Shein. You may benefit from their expertise and a devoted project team to launch mobile apps in the market faster. Book a FREE consultation to develop a high-quality shopping app like Shein.


    What are similar apps like Shein?
    Forever 21, NastyGal, Romwe and more are similar to Shein.
    Who is Shein's biggest competition?
    Wish and Alibaba is Shein’s biggest competitors.
    Which country buys the most from Shein?
    The United States buys most from Shein. It has acquired 40% of the market share in the US.
    What is the most successful e-commerce platform?
    Amazon is the most successful e-commerce platform.
    How long does it take to set up a Shopify store?
    It depends on the requirements. If you want to develop a customized store, it will take longer. You can set up a simple store in a day.

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