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    Cost to Create an AI Video Generator Like Synthesia

    • September 29, 2023
    • 5 min

    As AI technology develops further, the ways in which humans may manipulate and make the most of it expand at an exponential rate. AI algorithms can now tailor entertainment options, create bespoke material, make music, and create videos from scratch. Artificial intelligence is all around us, simplifying and enhancing our lives in many ways.

    Synthesia and similar AI video generator apps have caught the attention of both tech-savvy fans and investors. Synthesia is just one example of a cutting-edge AI video generator that uses machine learning algorithms to produce, edit, and change films in a manner that fundamentally shifts the way we interact with video online. AI video editing applications are a game-changer for many uses, including self-expression, amusement, and learning. Let’s discuss the important features and the cost of the development of such an app.

    Important features to include in an AI video generator app

    In an article by Tech Crunch, Nvidia, Kleiner Perkins, GV, Firstmark Capital, MMC, and Accel led a $90 million Series C financing for Synthesia. Thus, due to its advanced features, it has gained immense popularity among investors and users. Let us know which features can make your AI video generator app popular.

    • Custom AI Avatars: A user can be able to choose from among avatars representing a wide range of cultures, eras, and fashions. The AI video editing app should also allow for the creation of unique AI avatars. Additionally, improve the overall attractiveness of these avatars by regularly updating them with the most recent enhancements in quality and other avatar qualities. This is an absolute need for making a program like Synthesia.
    • Multiple Language: Users should be able to record their own films using a variety of international speech styles and languages. If you add this function, you may expand your audience to people all over the world.
    • Text-to-speech: Users may quickly and easily convert their written drafts into high-quality voiceovers using only a few keystrokes. The AI video-generating app’s capacity to recognize and interpret user text inputs requires Natural Language Processing (NLP).
    • Gestures: One impressive capability of AI video-generating apps is the ability to create videos that mimic human emotions and movements. Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, add this technology that can analyze and duplicate a broad variety of movements, including facial expressions, hand motions, body language, and more.
    • Voice Cloning: The voice cloning function of an AI video-generating app is a method for creating convincing imitations of human voices. In addition to accurately reproducing the words said, you need to employ complex AI algorithms to analyze recorded voices in order to accurately duplicate the speaker’s tone, pitch, and vocal degree.

    Factors that affect the cost of an AI video generator app like Synthesia

    There are a lot of factors that influence how much it will cost to create an AI video generator app like Synthesia. Here are some of the factors that can’t be ignored while creating a budget for app development.

    • App Complexity: The total amount spent on developing an AI video generator is very sensitive to the length and difficulty of the project. The development costs of an app with more sophisticated features, customizable settings, and scalability will be more than those of a simpler, more direct approach.
    • Gathering Data: The time and effort required to collect and annotate a significant dataset for use in training AI models may be substantial. Data collection might cost anywhere from $10K to $100K or more, depending on the size and quality of the information.
    • Tech Stack: Various factors, such as the programming languages, frameworks, and tools, contribute to the overall development time and cost. Using other cutting-edge technology might also increase costs.
    • ML Models: The development and training of machine learning models for audio and visual creation depends on the model’s complexity and amount of training data. The modeling procedure alone may easily cost approx. $50K or more.
    • Compliance with Law: Legal consultation to guarantee adherence to legal and ethical criteria might cost approx. $10K, depending on the complexity of the compliance requirements. If you’re developing an app, it’s important to be aware of certain legal considerations.
    • Hosting & Infrastructure: The price of infrastructure and hosting services is affected by the need for scalability. Monthly hosting fees might be $1K or more, and the initial cost of setting up the infrastructure can be between $10K and $50K.

    Therefore, the total cost of developing an AI video generator app like Synthesia may vary from $110K to $450K or more, depending on a variety of factors and the complexity required at each step of development.


    Creating an artificial intelligence video generator can be expensive. To do this, you will need access to large datasets, enormous computing resources, and a team of AI and ML professionals. The cost might be anything from a few hundred thousand to several million. However, if you can provide a useful and distinctive service to clients who are interested in automating video production and content development, the investment may be worthwhile.


    What are the main cost components of building an AI video generator app?
    Development team, hardware and cloud computing costs, licensing fees for AI models and technologies, data, and maintenance and updates.
    How long does it take to develop an AI video generator app?
    The development timeline can vary widely but generally takes several months to years, depending on the app’s complexity.
    Do I need to have a large team of AI experts?
    While a team of AI experts is beneficial, you can also collaborate with external AI development companies or hire specialized talent on a project basis.
    Are there open-source tools and models available to reduce costs?
    Yes, there are open-source AI models and tools that can be leveraged to reduce development costs, but you may still need to invest in custom development and fine-tuning.
    How can I generate revenue with an AI video generator like Synthesia?
    You can generate revenue through subscription models, pay-per-use pricing, or licensing the technology to other businesses. Content creators, marketers, and e-learning platforms are potential target markets.

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