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    Develop A Social Networking App Like Threads From Instagram

    • July 15, 2023
    • 5 min

    Instagram’s Threads is a social networking platform that allows its users to find and follow other people who share their interests in a wide range of subjects and artists. It gives you a platform to express yourself, whether you're looking to debate current events or investigate emerging fashion trends. Signing up with Threads is quick and easy since you can use your current Instagram account. The design is quite similar to that of Twitter, with short, text-based posts and the ability to like and reshare them. So, is it beneficial to step into the social networking app business and develop a text-based communication app like Threads? Let’s discuss this further in detail.

    How To Develop An App Like Threads From Instagram?

    You need to follow the development process carefully to develop an app like Threads. To guide you through the development process, below are the steps:

    Understanding User Requirements

    Firstly, you need to look for user requirements, the app’s needs, and goals. In this stage, developers of text-based apps determine who they are making the app for and what features and functions it will have.

    Market Analysis

    Furthermore, an analysis of the market becomes necessary. Competitor analysis, trends, audience preferences, etc. are important to decide. Thus, with proper analysis, you can decide the overall objective and features of the app.

    UI/UX Design

    Wireframes and prototypes help envision the app’s design and user experience after the aforementioned features have been planned. Apps like Threads may achieve rapid success by adopting a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing design that is consistent with the brand’s values.

    Tech Stack

    After that, you have to determine which frameworks and technologies will be necessary to build your social networking app. In addition, choose your frameworks and languages with consideration to how well they scale, how fast they run, and their capability to work with other systems.


    The app architecture including servers, databases, APIs, and other components, is developed at this stage. Protecting user information and maintaining their privacy requires the implementation of stringent security systems. The next step is to build the app’s UI, including the menus, screens, and other user interactions. Threads-style social networking app development will prioritize adaptability, ease of use, and cross-device compatibility.

    Testing & Launch

    After development, the quality assurance team helps with testing the app. It helps in assuring the app has all the decided features and functionalities. Thus, after solving the errors, you can deploy the app on the app store. Even after the launch, you can upgrade the app based on user feedback and add additional features to it.

    Which Are The Must-Have Features in An App Like Threads From Instagram?

    To make the app successful, here are some features you need to consider adding to the app.

    • Seamless account creation: Users must be able to create accounts easily. Furthermore, users should have privacy options whether to make their text updates visible only to their followers or to everyone.
    • User Account: Add the feature in which users can create profiles and customize their profile information, avatar, bio, etc.
    • Threads: The app must allow users to create text updates. You can also allow sharing photos and videos, reposts, etc. Additionally, set limits of characters in text and time frames in videos.
    • User Engagement: Your app should have a feature for tuning the conversation. Furthermore, it should allow users to block, respond, decide who can mention, etc.
    • Feed: A user’s news feed is a continually updating stream of tweets from the accounts they choose to follow. To make exploring the feed more convenient, it should allow for scrolling, refreshing, and endless scrolling.
    • Trends: The use of hashtags allows for easier organization and finding of relevant material. Improve the user experience with smarter search filters. Users are able to discover new trends to join and participate in by seeing a list of hot topics and hashtags.
    • Push Notifications: Users should be notified immediately of any important activity, such as the addition of new followers, remarks, or likes through push notifications.
    • Security: Strong privacy settings must be there that let users decide who can see their tweets, how their tweets may be interacted with, and what information can be shared.


    It might be a profitable venture to create a social networking app like Threads from Instagram. You may meet the rising need for discreet and intimate communication by developing an app that has the core features of Threads, including the option to exchange photographs, videos, and conversations with a small set of friends. By facilitating the safe and confidential sharing of daily experiences, develop an app that has the potential to strengthen connections and bring users closer together.


    What is the cost of developing an app like Instagram’s Threads?
    The cost depends on the app’s complexity. The app with basic features can cost approx. from $35K to $85K. The medium complex app ranges from $80K to $150K and the high complex app can cost you approx. $150K to $255K.
    Is creating social networking app beneficial?
    If the app has unique features and solves the pain of the users, it can be successful. Thus, you need to do proper market research to know the problems of your target audience and provide the app with solutions.
    How much time does it take to develop an app like Threads?
    It depends on the development team and the features and functionalities to develop in the app. Thus, it may take approx. 2000 hours or more to build the MVP version of the app like Threads.
    What is the fastest-growing app in history?

    Threads from Instagram is the fastest-growing app that gained 100 million users in 5 days.

    How is Threads different from Instagram?
    You can connect with users with photos and videos through Instagram while Threads is a text-based app.

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