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    Ways to find good dropshipping niches

    • May 10, 2023
    • 10 min

    When opening a dropshipping store, the first thing you should do is decide on a specific market. Having a clear target market in mind simplifies product development and advertising, and helps you reach your target audience more effectively. However, it may be difficult to find good dropshipping niches. Should you stock your store with items that you really like?Furthermore, will you prefer to start selling products that are famous locally instead of internationally? How do you determine the profitability of a dropshipping product? These questions are not easy to answer. Here is a guide for those who are interested in establishing a dropshipping online store but don't know which niche for dropshipping is good.

    How to find the right niche for dropshipping?

    It doesn’t really matter how great your business plan is if there is no market for it. If no one buys your high-quality products, you won’t make many sales. Thus, you need to know the most lucrative dropshipping niche with the aid of a variety of internet tools that analyze the demand for products in the market. Make use of these resources to build a successful dropshipping Shopify store.

    Google Trends

    While any keyword tool is fantastic for raw search data, many people turn to Google Trends for deeper insights. The following are some of the benefits of this free dropshipping product research tool Google Trends provides.

    • If the market sector you’re thinking of is rising, Trends can help you find out. You can see the rise or fall in popularity of that particular market search term over time.
    • You can obtain an overview of the most famous searches that are connected to your topic. Furthermore, you will get a breakdown of which searches are seeing the greatest rate of popularity growth. Paying attention to these phrases might help you better organize your marketing and search engine optimization strategies.
    • Another helpful service of Google Trends is the capability to see, on a geographical scale. Here you will know about users searching for a certain phrase. This helps you in determining the locations of your consumer base that is most highly searching for a particular item or product. For instance, if you want to offer candles, you will need to identify the region from where you can expect your potential customers.
    • Furthermore, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the changes that occur in a market. That means whether or not the requirement for a certain product fluctuates significantly during the course of the year. If you evaluate the search volume once a year, you may come to some incorrect conclusions since the data that the keyword tool offers are not on a yearly basis. It regularly changes as per the interests of people. For instance, woollen products will be searched more in winter but not in summer.

    Thus, Google Trends will help you knowing of a profitable niche efficiently based on popularity, geography and seasonality.

    Facebook Audience Insights

    There are other social media networks, but the one with the most users is Facebook. You may uncover specific markets and trends with the assistance of Facebook Audience Insights, which is an excellent tool for researching top dropshipping products. You can find out more about a certain demographic using Facebook’s free Audience Insights feature. It analyzes data from Facebook users to assess the volume of a dropshipping niche or product and the preferences of its audience.

    You can find insights into a particular niche with respect to age, location, likes, gender, and activity. For instance, if you are finding how many active Facebook users there are in a month who are also interested in ordering products from the beauty and cosmetics dropshipping sector. You have to enter any phrase related to it like ‘beauty products’ or ‘cosmetics’ and find out. You may also see people’s likes, locations, and the number of individuals who are interested in searching this phrase.

    Additionally, you can also search for subcategories like makeup brushes, illuminators, sunscreens, etc. Such insights are also useful when you need to run ads on Facebook. This will help you to know whether you should spend on advertisements or not.

    Google Keyword Planner

    The volume of people searching for an item on Google is a good indicator of its demand. Google’s Keyword Planner tool makes this information on search traffic accessible to the general public. You may use the tool to find out how many monthly searches there are for any given term or phrase. This may be quite helpful in developing your online store’s dropshipping niche and expanding your webshop.

    • You can choose between a broad phrase or an exact match in it. You’ll get a far more precise view of the relevant volume of searches for any term this way.
    • It is important to compare worldwide numbers of searches with those in your own state or your target location. In case, you want to sell in India then you don’t have to follow global search volume.

    Social Networking Services

    You must be wondering how social networking services can help to find the best dropshipping niche. Actually, discovering a profitable niche for dropshipping may be done with the use of social media platforms. You may find prospective dropshipping niches, network with other business owners, and stay up on industry news by joining groups where your target customers gather. You can also keep a note of hashtags that are on trend and know if the niche you want to step into is profitable or not.

    For example, if you are planning for a gym products business, you can search hashtags like dumbbells, treadmills, etc. The higher the hashtag followers and posts, the higher trend is. Furthermore, you can create polls on social media to find popular dropshipping items and emerging markets that you can target. You will get the advantage of SNS as it shows current trends filtered by location and category.


    Marketers often use Ahrefs for SEO purposes while fine-tuning their content. Those interested in finding out more about lucrative dropshipping niches will find Ahrefs to be an invaluable resource. Compared to other keyword research tools, Ahrefs is different. Some examples of how Ahrefs may be used for this are as follows:

    • Try to choose keywords with plenty of monthly searches but relatively little competition. If you want to know what individuals in your niche are interested in reading, look at the search terms they use.
    • Conduct research on your competition by examining their websites with Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. Investigate their most popular content, inbound links, and keyword use. Finding out what other people in your sector are buying and sharing can help you develop effective marketing techniques also.

    Thus, competitor research, keyword discovery, and content performance monitoring are all possible with this tool. You can know in which niche you should start your business.


    It’s smart to keep note of what the competition is doing. Amazon, Flipkart, etc are the marketplaces which attract billions of unique visitors every month. They are a great predictor of shopper preferences. You can tell which goods are in great demand by looking at the category rankings. Furthermore, you can find who appears first in search results. Check to see if you can provide value to them and if they are a good fit for your dropshipping store.

    You may also quickly see feedback from previous buyers. Find out what they enjoy, what they don’t like, and whether they’re satisfied with the pricing. All these factors and research will help you in starting a dropshipping business. For example, if you want to know about the car accessories niche, it will show every competitor. The only problem is that it will not show the exact number of people searching for the product like Ahrefs. Furthermore, the trend you can know on online marketplaces will be current, not historical.

    Which are the high-demand low competition dropshipping niches? What is the best niche for dropshipping?

    When there is a high demand but low competition for products, it is easy to stand out. You can make more profit with high-demand low competition dropshipping niches. Have a look at the best niche for dropshipping mentioned below. Furthermore, you need to do research from your side too. As mentioned in the above steps, see if there is demand for these products in the area or geography you want to cover.

    Eco-friendly products

    The good news is that people are becoming more conscious of environmental issues. This year, eco-friendly items will join solar energy as a low-competition yet lucrative dropshipping sector. Saving energy is important to people because they also care about protecting the planet and making it greener.

    As a result, there is more consumer interest in eco-friendly goods. In this market, you might find success with items like recyclable garbage bags and sanitary towels. If you don’t want to dropship the products, you can also make unique eco-friendly products. Thus, you will see more demand for them. As the product would be unique, you would be the sole seller of that.

    Solar energy products

    As mentioned above saving energy is important to people to save the planet. As Solar energy is renewable and free energy, there is a high demand for solar products. Furthermore, the competition for these products is less compared to clothing and fashion. You can generate maximum revenue from the solar energy dropshipping niche. Furthermore, if you choose a dropshipping supplier from Chinese marketplaces, profitability would increase as product costs are less. For example, you can sell products like solar lamps, solar garden lights, solar panels, solar electricity generator kits, etc.

    Smart home or IoT devices

    The rapid pace at which life is changing is another effect of technological progress. Smart home gadgets allow us to take advantage of emerging technology to upgrade our living space. They make it more convenient for us to live. Dropshipping in the IT industry is a great choice if you like working with gadgets. Few consumers were able to afford the high cost of smart home technologies even a few years ago. However, that is no longer the case. And the price of these items has dropped significantly. Thus, you can choose this profitable dropshipping niche with high demand low competition. Again, I would like to give free advice that you should choose a Chinese dropshipping supplier to gain profit.

    Sports equipment

    It’s also fashionable to participate in sports today. The trend for an active lifestyle is growing. People want to remain physically fit and attractive. Furthermore, Many people have shifted their focus from outdoor activities to indoor workouts as a way to stay fit and healthy since the pandemic. As a consequence, items like yoga mats, indoor sports equipment and sports bags have become more popular.

    Dropshipping these sports items or products in 2023 is projected to be profitable. That’s because of the low level of competition and high demand in the market. Consider including these products in your online shop immediately if you want to follow current craze.

    Which are the dropshipping niches to avoid?


    Dropshipping is a lucrative business model, but not all items are made equal, particularly when you’re just getting started. The level of competition in certain markets is so high that maintaining a profit is next to impossible. Thus, try to avoid these below-mentioned dropshipping niches.

    Fashion and Clothing

    The basic clothing market is flooded with several competitors. Market leaders in fashion and clothing are good enough to respond to the constant flux of fashion. Dropshipping items in fashion is a viable business model. But, people are always seeking companies that share their values in order to show their support for the cause. Furthermore, competition is really high for the clothing and fashion niche.

    Also, the world of fashion is unstable, with trends constantly shifting and changing. Keeping up with current tastes and preferences calls for a never-ending cycle of study, change, and trend-spotting. Thus, it requires careful planning if you want to succeed in the clothes sector. Furthermore, this ongoing change makes it more difficult for business owners to keep ahead of the curve and anticipate customer needs. Thus, it as a niche for dropshipping is not a good idea to generate revenue.


    Customers in the electronics industry are price-conscious, always on the lookout for a better offer. This may be problematic for firms’ profit margins, particularly for smaller establishments that lack the buying power and economies of scale of their bigger competitors. Keeping costs down while yet making a profit is a balancing act.

    Furthermore, the rate of returns and refunds for electronic goods is really high. In fact, behind apparel and footwear, it’s the most returned category of goods in the USA. I suggest ordering and testing a few examples of potential electrical products to sell. Poor construction and performance can lead customers to provide negative feedback, which might affect your business. It’s important to remember that production faults might occur even if your testing check is OK. If you take the time to study the evaluations of other eCommerce companies, you may avoid this problem.


    Dropshipping cosmetics items is a very lucrative industry, however, it comes with a high risk. Furthermore, people apply them directly to their skin. Therefore any adverse response due to inaccurate labelling or carelessness might be devastating to your internet business.

    The same may be said for the beauty or daily skin care industry. You need a lot of money to join this industry with competitive items and a robust advertising campaign. You may also offer cheaper rates, but it can entail less time on product quality or using less sturdy packaging. Therefore, Cosmetics is one of the dropshipping niches to avoid.


    Maybe you will not agree with me and find the furniture dropshipping niche a secure decision. That’s just because of the high earning potential of bulky commodities. But the problem here is the size. When sending larger items, particularly from a foreign manufacturer, your customers may suffer greater delivery costs.

    Think about fees associated with importing the goods, the price of packing them, and the possibility of receiving a refund if the product is damaged in transit. You must still provide your client with a fair price. If you need to lower your pricing to compete, these supplementary costs might eat into your profit margin. Therefore, furniture is one of the dropshipping niches to avoid.


    Finding a profitable dropshipping niche needs study and evaluation. When deciding on a niche, it’s crucial to take into account some factors. They are consumer requirements, competitors, profitability, and one’s own areas of interest.

    Researching the market utilizing Google Trends and keyword planner, SNS, Ahrefs, Marketplaces and Facebook Audience Insights might help you find a profitable dropshipping niche. Furthermore, try to avoid the pet product, baby products and the abovementioned niche to establish a successful selling online business.


    What are the best niches to dropship in?
    Eco-friendly products, Solar energy products, IoT devices and sports equipment are the best niches to dropship in.
    How to find trending products for dropshipping?
    You can find trending products using Google Trends for dropshipping.
    How to sell dropship items on shopify?
    You can add Shopify dropshipping apps like CJdropshipping, Ali Orders AliExpress and more to sell dropship items on the Shopify store.
    How much can a beginner dropshipper make?
    It depends on which dropshipping niche you choose. If you choose high demand low competition niche, you can generate high revenue.
    Which dropshipping business idea makes the most money?
    The clothing and Fashion niche makes the most money but the competition is really high.

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