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    A complete guide to hire dedicated developers

    From healthcare to finance to education, there is the requirement of software solution to optimize a wide range of tasks. This has resulted in the evolution of a number of SaaS companies in the modern market. These companies can help organizations develop software solutions taking them to the next level.From startups to multi-national organizations, it is the modern age of IT or Information Technology. These factors have led to the need for hiring dedicated developers for specific projects.

    What is a Dedicated Developer?

    A dedicated developer is the one that is hired for a specific time period by an organization (usually an offshore agency) to serve the wide spectrum of development purposes. In this case, dedicated developers specifically work with a single project at a time.

    It is a high-end outsourcing model that is hired specifically to allow organizations to fix issues related to freelancers with respect to the overall approach and time.

    Dedicated developers are expected to be adept at taking care of all possible aspects of the development process -right from ideation to the final product deployment to even crafting impressive digital solutions.

    Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Developer
    • Expensive In-house Teams: Sourcing local talent and developing a team of in-house developers can be out of your budget at most times. In such a case, offshore product development under the team of a dedicated developers is a viable option. You are only required to outsource to a reliable offshore development company or team. It will help you save significantly on the overall budget.
    • Requirement for a Specific Skill-set: In the case when your in-house development team is not well-equipped with the right skill-set to develop the product, you can hire a team of dedicated developers to complete your project. You can easily hand over specific aspects of the project to the dedicated development team when you lack the overall expertise within your in-house team.
    • Time Crunch Regarding Product Launch: Are you expected to develop a specific product within a shorter deadline? A reliable development company with a skilled team of dedicated developers can expedite the product development and deployment process.

    Factors to Consider While Hiring Dedicated Developers

    There are several factors to consider while hiring a team of dedicated developers for your product or software development. Here are some:

    • Methodology: Hire dedicated developers following the agile development methodology to help you deliver a feature-rich, responsive product to the end users.
    • Design Process: A good team of dedicated developers can help you understand the design process for product development in detail.
    • Cost of the Project: While you consider the cost-effectiveness of the project, you should never compromise on the project quality.
    • Credentials: You can find about the skill-sets and expertise of the dedicated developers by interviewing them and finalizing the best developers for your project.

    Resources to Find Dedicated Developers

    Once you have decided to work with a team of dedicated developers for your project, here are some ways to find them:

    • Search engines: You can submit a simple request on Google or any other search engine to generate a list of specialists in the given field.
    • Freelancing Platforms: There are several freelancing platforms like Upwork that serve as excellent sources to find talented developers from all parts of the world. Based on the list that you obtain, you can narrow down your search to preferred specialists.
    • LinkedIn: It is a social media platform that allows hiring managers to search for the right talent in any given industry.

    In addition to the listed options, an effective way to come across a talented team of dedicated developers from a reputed development company. You can interview the developers on your own and then select the desired candidates.

    Questions to Ask While Interviewing Dedicated Developers

    If you think of outsourcing your development project to a team of dedicated developers, you need to hire the right team. To achieve so, you need to ask relevant questions to clear all your doubts in the process. Here are some to consider:

    • Have you worked on similar projects before?
    • Do you have any testimonials?
    • What are your development processes?
    • How will we ensure communication?
    • What do you need from me?
    • How do you deliver the project?

    Rates of the dedicated developers

    The costs of hiring dedicated developers might vary from one country to another. There are many different factors which affects the rates of the dedicated developer such as experience level of developer, technology expertise, length of the project etc.


    If you wish to launch a high-end product that stands out from competition, you should hire a team of dedicated developers for your project. Hire from a reliable development company to expect the best outcomes.

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