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    How to Revive Business on Shopify due to COVID 19?

    COVID-19 has impacted most of the businesses around the world. And the eCommerce business is on the most impacted industry. COVID-19 pandemic precautions have jolted to the whole supply chain system & logistics management internationally. In these difficult times, Shopify reaches out to help the ailing businesses & rolled out several measures & resources to revive the business on hundreds of Shopify stores.

    Get on-board the Shopify

    The very first measure is, if you are not selling online right now, then start doing it. And for that, you are even required to pay even a single penny for the first 14-days. Shopify is offering 14-Days free trials for new Shopify store owners. And no need to worry if you are new to Shopify. You can hire Shopify partners, they will help you to set up the store from scratch. So, You can hire Shopify Partners over here.

    Get Free 14-Days trail over here.

    Hire Shopify Experts

    If you are a new or existing Shopify store owner, you can hire Shopify experts for very economical rates to get your Shopify store reviving or start generating revenue. You need to modify a lot of things to get things going.You can hire Shopify Experts over here.
    For example:
    An outstanding, cost-effective, and customer-friendly option for packaging for different products. Paperboard is very flexible and well-matched with many printing factors.

    generally use it for the study materials.

    Use for premium and luxury products

    Which will help you to highlight your product in the best way.

    Generally use for the liquid product, beauty product, and so on…

    Inner Packaging Label Design on the Bottle & Outer Packaging Design.

    Who will use this product?
    This question will help you to create a unique design for your product. The main focus is on the 4 categories mentioned below:

    Now you may have the question that how the location affects your packaging. So let’s take one example if we select some religious place and we design according to the shopping mall then it won’t work. It needs to be pretty simple so people can buy for religious purposes.

    Age Group:
    We can take the example of a toy package design for children. So if we design it with light color and pretty simple then it won’t work here as it’s toy package we need to make it attractive with fast colors.

    Here we need to take care of the shapes and color of your package. If the products are to be designed for female we can select colors like white, pink, blue, etc. With the nice shapes of the package, you can attract your female audiences. But if we are designing products for the male, then it should be with colors like black, gray as boys like that type of color.

    Here we need to think about “ where we are going to sell our product” if you are designing the package for one of the clients from the USA, then you need to design according to their current trends in the USA. If you design it according to Indian trends, then that will not work. As the Indian and the American lifestyle is totally different from each other.

    Local Delivery

    If you are already on Shopify and exhausted with the current situation of logistics and supply chain, you need to change your shipping strategy. So, Shopify is now encouraging Shopify store owners to use local delivery. It is helpful to get a stronger local presence instead of going international. Another great feature Shopify has brought is the “local pickup”. It has proved very efficient in many ways, as customers now can choose to pick up the products locally from the convenient locations & also it offers the benefit of the null shipping rate. It helps to take the total product price down then the others in the competition.

    Set up local delivery for your Shopify store here.

    Free E-mail marketing on Shopify

    To help the Shopify stores ailing from the impact of Covid-19, Shopify is now offering free Shopify Email marketing campaign to all its existing & new Shopify stores until the 1st of October, 2020. This is the best thing you should utilize during these pandemic situations. If you have a Shopify store or new to Shopify, you can send an unlimited number of marketing emails to your customers from your domain.

    Subscribe to the free Shopify Email marketing over here.

    New Marketing Strategy

    The pandemic situation has changed a lot of things. People locked inside the homes is the new normal. And that has changed the way the businesses used to make their marketing policies. Shopify store owners & online eCommerce business owners to are required to rejig the marketing strategies to reach out to the people. To grow more organic impressions to your store, you need to try different ways to reach a suitable audience. And Pinterest is offering such a great thing. The Pinterest app is now offering $100 in credit for publishing your first ad. It will be really helpful to grow a good presence over the market.

    Stay in Touch with Shopify Community

    Constant communication with the Shopify community will keep you up to date with the happenings around the eCommerce world. Get in touch with the community over here.



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