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    Hiring a company/Agency VS a freelancer | Which is best?

    To develop a project, what is your preference, company or a freelancer? This article will give you a proper insight on whether to hire a company or a freelancer, and which is ideal for your project.If you hire a freelancer, you will have to manage everything by yourself.Whereas, when hiring a company for your project development, you get a team and project managers along with it, and the company will allot your project to the perfect developer, according to the need of your assigned task!Therefore, just sit back and relax, while the company takes care of everything.


    Freelancers right for the job are to be found, hired and interviewed through various platforms, which is very hard, time consuming and non-profitable for the employer, as it is a recurring process, needs directing, and a project manager is also to be appointed for the supervision.

    However, when you hire a development company you don’t break a sweat.

    Building Team

    When you hire a company, they have in-house development team and you have limited choice of developers. Whereas, you can select and create a team of best talent across the world with wide options of freelancers available and one can hire anyone from any location or any corner of the world.

    Big Project

    If you are managing a complex project, which requires adequate workforce and skilled tech developers then choose the company as it possesses many talented developers with optimal project managers for easy completion of the project.


    Freelancers and companies both sign NDA if required, but when you have a big project then companies are quite proactive in terms of security.

    As companies have secure and paid version of premium tools and they abide by a legal contract; there are less chances of client’s information getting disclosed. But there is no surety about the type of tools used by a freelancer.


    Freelancer may look cost effective at the beginning as they work independently, but in the long run might drain your pockets; whereas, companies provide you elegant and smooth customer experience, by meeting your expectation and requirements with proper set of tools, which makes it worth every single dime that is spent on it.


    Team of freelancers may not have mutual way of understanding, method of working and they might even face a problem without having any solution for it, and every solution a freelancer comes up with takes time which could delay and affect the completion of project the most.

    When the same is overlooked by a company standard operating procedure are practiced, licenses of project management tools and the entire team is already in sync due to many years of working together and help each other out to find solution for each and every problem.


    Hiring a company or freelancer is dependent on the type of the project, budget, and timeframe needed for the project development.

    On long-term basis, for quick, personalized, proactive and cost-efficient service, hire a development company, and for independent requirements hire a freelancer; as per one’s preference. Even in small projects companies play a vital role by providing quality customizable packages.

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