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    How can non-tech founders find and hire developers?

    • October 14, 2023
    • 5 min

    How can you ensure the success of a new tech business? Is it only a matter of having the technical know-how to control the technological landscape? This is the issue that non-tech entrepreneurs typically face. These are the concerns since some people still refuse to believe that an entrepreneur without technical experience can make a successful tech product.

    Many successful companies have been started by people who aren't computer savvy but who have come up with groundbreaking solutions. However, to find and hire talented coders to work for a business is a little difficult. This post will guide non-tech entrepreneurs to find and hire developers who can help in the growth of the business.

    Should non-tech founders hire developers from an agency or in-house?

    Although it is preferable to have developers on staff, doing so might be difficult for a business owner who is not technically savvy. Problems that arise while trying to bring developers in-house.

    It’s not cost-effective for a company to hire engineers to work in-house. The pay scale is just one of several potential expenditures. The costs associated with setting up an in-house development team include not just salaries and benefits, but also infrastructure, setup, office space, tools, and software.

    Furthermore, the in-house developers will likely focus on one or two programming languages unless you employ additional startup app developers, which would drive up costs. As a result, your product’s potential will be limited by the developer’s abilities.

    Thus, to speed up your app development project while enhancing efficiency and scalability, consider working with a specialized outsourcing company that can provide you with a web developer for a startup in addition to project managers, graphics designers, quality analysts, and more. Outsourcing can be cost-effective, especially if you’re based in a high-cost location and choose to work with a company in a lower-cost region. Such companies often have lower labor and operational costs, which can help in savings for your project.

    Furthermore, with the help of outsourcing companies, you can quickly scale the workforce up or down to match your project’s requirements. This flexibility can be particularly valuable for short-term or fluctuating workloads.

    How to hire developers or an agency?

    Checking on a few key criteria can help you identify the agency’s skill and experience if you want to hire a software development company in the USA to hire developers for your startup.

    • Portfolio: Check the development firm’s portfolio of completed projects and past customers to see whether they are a good match for your project. The easiest way to determine if a developer is a good fit for your firm is to look at their previous work.
    • Expertise: Only a select few firms focus exclusively on novel approaches and tools. Find out what the agency specializes in and is best known for. Once you have a good notion of the agency’s specialty, you may choose the firm that offers the services most applicable to the kind of product you want to create. Check their knowledge of data structures and other algorithmic concepts to see whether they are prepared for the job. Before hiring for the project, make sure they can utilize the necessary testing and debugging tools and technologies.
    • Success Stories: Client recommendations of the agencies you’ve narrowed down to are essential in making your final decision. You may learn a lot about how serious the company is about meeting deadlines and sticking to a certain budget by reading their customer testimonials.
    • Post-launch maintenance: When you hire developers for your startup, check if the outsourcing company can guide you throughout the full software development process. That includes maintenance and support after the product or MVP launch.
    • Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial for collaboration within a development team. Assess their ability to communicate ideas, provide status updates, and interact with non-technical stakeholders. Assess their leadership skills if the role requires leadership or mentorship.


    Hiring developers as a non-tech founder can be a challenging but manageable process. It requires careful planning, a clear vision for your project, and a thoughtful approach to recruitment. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can increase your chances of finding and hiring the right developers for your startup or project.

    Remember to establish a strong foundation by defining your project’s goals and requirements, networking to build connections in the tech industry, and creating a compelling job listing to attract potential candidates. Throughout the hiring process, assess candidates thoroughly, focusing not just on their technical skills but also their cultural fit and communication abilities. With patience and persistence, you can assemble a strong development team that will help bring your vision to life.


    How long does it typically take to hire developers as a non-tech founder?
    The time it takes to hire a developer can vary significantly depending on factors like the complexity of your project, your location, and the current job market. On average, it can take several weeks to a few months to find and hire the right developer. Be prepared for a potentially lengthy process and avoid rushing to make a decision.
    What's the best way to assess a developer's technical skills if you're not tech-savvy?
    One effective way to assess a developer’s technical skills is to involve a trusted technical advisor or consultant in the interview process. Alternatively, consider using technical assessments or coding challenges tailored to the specific skills required for your project. Additionally, you can ask candidates to showcase their previous work or collaborate on a small test project to evaluate their abilities.
    Should I hire freelance developers or in-house developers?
    The choice between freelance and in-house developers depends on your project’s needs, budget, and timeline. Freelancers can offer flexibility and cost savings, while in-house developers can provide more consistent communication and integration with your team. Some projects may benefit from a combination of both, with in-house developers handling core tasks and freelancers assisting with specialized work.
    How can I protect my intellectual property when working with developers?
    To protect your intellectual property, consider using non-disclosure agreements and work-for-hire agreements that clearly define ownership of the code and any developed assets. Consult with a legal expert to ensure your contracts are robust and legally enforceable.
    What qualities should I prioritize when hiring a developer?
    In addition to technical skills, consider factors like communication abilities, problem-solving skills, adaptability, and cultural fit within your team. These qualities can significantly impact a developer’s effectiveness and compatibility with your project.

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