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    How is an application launched on Google Play Store?

    • January 10, 2023
    • 5 min

    Smartphones are one of the most important electronic devices people own nowadays. More than eighty percent of individuals often sleep with their smartphones. They keep phones by their bedsides and use them first every morning. Thus, the mobile app development wave is at its peak. 44.49% of people use android worldwide. The android apps are available on google play store for almost every task. At present, there are 3.55 million apps on google play store. Therefore, the vast majority of companies, including commercial outlets, have mobile apps that they use to maintain customer engagement. Maybe you're thinking about releasing your own app for mobile devices now. If you want to upload an Android app, this article will show you how to launch an app on google play store.

    Steps to create an app on the google play store

    Let’s move on to submitting an app for android to Google Play Store. Firstly, you need to prevent making any mistakes throughout the process of publishing an app. Thus, make absolutely sure that you execute each step in a precise sequence.

    1. Google Play Console – It is absolutely necessary to have a developer account in the desire to launch an application to the Play Store for Android. Play Store applications for Android can be submitted by developers using the Google Play console, which functions as a form of server control center. You just need to pay $25 to create a user profile. When making an account, you must provide your username, location, and other information. After completing your registration, it will take 48 hrs to get accepted.
    2. Google Wallet Merchant Account – If your Play Store application facilitates in-app prices, you’ll require a merchant registration. Login into Google Play Console and click “Reports” then “Financial Reports” to generate one. Following this, select the option to “Set up a merchant account now” and then just complete filling the form with your information.
    3. App Creation – After logging into your developer account, select ‘All programmes’ tab. Click on ‘Create Application’ button. Select the language you want the app to use by default in the drop-down. Enter the app name and click create.
    4. Store Listing – Go to Store listing and fill all the data of the android app to launch it on the Google play store. You need to maximize the possibility that people will find your app when they search for it. Thus, be sure to incorporate relevant keywords inside the brief description of your application.

    Upload, Rate and publish the app on play store

    You need to submit Android Application Package or App bundle after creating an android app.

    • Go to the ‘Release management section’ and click on ‘App release’. This will help you to release your android app. You are free to pick “Create Release” whenever you are ready, once you have chosen the kind of release that best suits your needs.
    • Then you need to make another choice, whether or not you want the Google Play app store signing on your android app.
    • Thereafter, choose the option to “Browse files,” and do according to the displayed directions. You may double-check the data by clicking on the “Review” button as well. Hit the ‘Save’ button after reviewing.

    It is essential that users provide feedback on your android app on the google play store.

    • Go to ‘Content Rating’ and input your email address in the form. You need to submit a survey form that users will fill to rate your app.
    • Add your form and move forward by selecting ‘Calculate Rating’.
    • Lastly, pressing the “Apply” button will complete the process.

    You must have a solid understanding of which nations your application will be accessible in. It is important to remember that Google does not provide support for distributing apps in all areas. Set the pricing of the android app either free or paid on the google play store. Lastly, after proper verifying; go to app releases and click on the ‘Start rollout to production’ button. After uploading the android app to the play store, you only have to wait for the approval. Application evaluation usually takes some hours to days to publish faultless android apps.

    After Launching App

    Your app may gain fame via social media. Thus, advertising your app on various sites increases attention and installs. Also, a press release about the android app is a great app promotion technique. You need to effectively manage your android app and roll out updates on a regular basis. Fix any problems or glitches that are being experienced by users. Like SEO for websites, there is ASO – App Store Optimization. It boosts app’s traffic on the google play store.  Have push notifications in your android app. Lastly, provide proper customer support to the app.


    We really believe that the directions which were provided above will become useful to you. After uploading an application to Play Store, businesses need to have an effective promotional campaign in order to enchant customers. Also, continued work is required to ensure that it is successful; otherwise, the app will be overshadowed by competitors. In case, you need experts for mobile app development or to launch apps on google play store; book a free consultation.


    How to promote app on google play store?

    You can use ASOdesk, MixPanel and AppFollow for promoting your android app.

    How do I get an app on Play Store?
    You can do that by opening an google play store console account and publishing it by following the steps mentioned in this blog.
    How many apps are there in Play Store?
    At present, there are 3.55 million apps on google play store.
    What is the most downloaded app?
    Instagram and Tiktok leads with 1B+ downloads
    How much does it cost to put an app on the Google Play Store?
    At first, you need to pay $25 to open google console account. You can launch your app on the google play store after this.

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    Freelance Mobile App developer