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How much does it cost to hire a Shopify developer?

Shopify experts are highly qualified professionals with skills that are unparalleled to any existing developers. There is no doubt that Shopify Experts can take your ecommerce store to next level. There are multiple factors behind it. But, when it comes to the cost to hire a shopify developer of an expert level, one question is concern of every beginner and almost every ecommerce store owner. How much does it cost?


How much does it cost to hire a shopify developer is an underlying question in how to choose an expert. It is needless to say that no person can do each and every work & no person can have expertise of every work. You need to take the help of experts. The experts help you to make the maximum out of latest features and concurrent trends in ecommerce space. Shopify Experts can minimize time taken for development of the ecommerce store but at the same time it may cost you vis-à-vis the features expected in your ecommerce store. There is a dilemma over how & whom to choose as a shopify expert for particular project. You can take following criteria under consideration while choosing a shopify expert.

How to Hire a Shopify Developer

Hiring shopify experts in a general practice among the ecommerce merchants around the globe. However, one cannot generalize the cost of hiring shopify developers for any project. It depends on the degree of complexity of the work & what kind of work needs to be done. One need to have a strategy for hiring the shopify expert. The very first step in hiring the shopify expert starts with a clear objective. You must have an objective that what needs to be done. And then you may start searching for the shopify expert with similar or matching skillset & qualification, who can perform the work according to your need.

Hiring Strategies

1. From Where to Hire?

from where to hire

There are several ways available from where you can find the shopify developers.  The most common source of hiring individual freelancers are freelancing portals e.g., Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, People Per Hour and other popular freelancing portals. But the biggest drawback in hiring individual freelancer is the risk of unavailability & uncertainty over getting the work done on or before the deadline.

2. Ask for Recommendation

ask for recommendation

The other way is to asking for reference and recommendations in peer community. It’s a good approach because peers will endorse only those who are good and skillful in delivering their work. And when you need to find the freelancers in nearby locations or within the particular country, asking the peer community has proved a good option. You can find this communities on social media group pages on and on community forums like Ask and you get several references. Filter it out according to your criteria of need.

3. Don’t Run behind the Cheapest

dont run behind cheapest

There are several separate instances where hiring an individual freelancer has proved costly, not only in terms of money but also in terms in managing deadlines and after completion services. It has been observed that individual freelancer is highly efficient in working on smaller & less complex projects or less complex work. In comparison to outsourcing companies the Individual freelancers are very economical in terms of cost. But, if you are in search of highly advanced features & latest trends for your ecommerce store, then you need a skilled & highly qualified Shopify expert. Shopify experts delivers great work in comparatively less time than an individual freelancer. Outsourcing companies are even better when it comes to delivering the qualitative work. The scale of workforce with outsourcing companies is the factor that makes them highly flexible in delivering qualitative work in no time. While expecting the same from individual freelancer is no good choice.

4. Finalize Whom to Hire

Final whom to hire

When you spot the mix of freelancer who have the potential to complete your work, subsequently you need to go through their work portfolio. You need to check the creativity, complexity of each of the ecommerce website provided in the portfolio. It will give you an insight about how creative and how out-of-box the expert can think and implement on every store. Now you need to check the feedback & reviews given by the previous clients. Freelancing portals provides verified and genuine reviews one each and every freelancer’s profile. And Satisfied clients always endorses good work. The number of positive & endorsing reviews itself talks about the quality of the individual or any outsourcing company.

The shortlisted individuals need to be interviewed to get the idea of ease of communication with them. The easy conversation is necessary as it is useful while explaining the elements in the project. The After-sale service is another factor that needs to be considered while choosing the freelancer. Sometimes, individual freelancers devote their time to more paying projects and delays the less paying project. It is the drawback in hiring the individual. While to eliminate this risk, if you hire outsourcing company for a project, but it will not be cost effective.


Cost to Hire a Shopify Developer Expert

“Great things never comes cheaply; and with cheap things you can not make a Great thing”.

This quote sums the hiring strategy with factoring the cost of hiring the shopify expert. This is not only applicable to hiring shopify experts, but it is applicable to almost every hiring decision in regard to the freelancing or outsourcing the work.

The average cost of hiring Shopify developers on Upwork ( is $15 to $29 per hour. However, cost varies on factors like location, complexity of the work, experience and expertise of the freelancers. Hiring any shopify developer at beginner level on Upwork may cost you as much as $15 per hour. While hiring an Expert shopify developer on Upwork may cost you $95 per hour or more. Highly skilled and expert developers come at a greater price.

According to (

A survey conducted by ( has revealed that in 2020 Web developers in IT sector has earned $23 per hour on average. The survey included 7,000 freelancers, the average hourly rate in $6 to $10 per hour. And most of the freelancers fall under this category. And only 4% of the freelancers charge about more than a $100 per hour. The top 4% of freelancers always remains in demand from the clients.


It is advisable to spend hours in choosing a right expert developer which matches to your need and then start the work, instead of choosing one in hurry and then wasting time in meaningless conversations and correcting errors.  You need to establish the objective of the work you want and then start searching the potential freelance web developing expert or an outsourcing expert. Shortlist the skilled and qualified professionals which suits to cater your needs. Check reviews and recommendations from the previous clients and also check the ecommerce website portfolios. Check their features and creativity added by the developer. It tells you about how much expertise the particular developer possesses. However, cost shall not overcast the skillset & qualification of a shopify developer.


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