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    How to build an attractive app icon that hypnotizes the target audience ?

    The user always experiences an application visually first and therefore it has become mandatory for investors to stand out from the beginning of their entry into the market. This article consists of all the secrets needed to create a banger application icon, which plays a vital role in etching an impression in the user’s mind.

    How to build an attractive app icon that hypnotizes the target audience?

    A lot of thought process goes behind developing an application, and once created, what is going to be the first glimpse of the final product to the end consumers?

    The app icon! A good icon can reveal a lot about the potential of the application and its usefulness to the users at once. Therefore, many companies are spending lots and lots of resources just for creating the perfect icon for their applications. Your application can either be “the star” or “nothing” amongst thousands of other applications based on the icon you draw for your application. But don’t worry, we will provide you with all the information that is strictly followed by the leading giants in the application industry to create eye-catching and memorable designs.

    Features of flat design

    Flat designs are simply 2-dimensional designs that use simplistic fonts, backgrounds, and visual elements that are easy to grasp by the users and are faster to load. These flat designs are not at all complex, yet convey a lot about the brand.

    Features of material design

    Material design was introduced by none other than Google itself and therefore designers have to somewhat adhere to its guidelines. Creativity and imagination are a designer’s weapons that are the reason Google allows few discrepancies.

    There is not a lot of difference between flat and material designs as both consider simplicity to be the main aspect of the application icon but when noticed, it is a blend of real elements with graphic elements. It has a more rounded and realistic feel to it. The term skeuomorphism can be tossed here as app icons are made as if they are totally inspired by the real world but nowadays it is observing a downfall as more simple designs are replacing them.

    Now, let’s move on to the golden rules of constructing an app icon that applies to every operating system!

    Simplifying the logo

    In the current trends, a phenomenon is going on. Brands are redoing their logos and application icons. There is a simple reason for it, to look updated, and more minimalistic, and to keep the brand image trendy as per the changing expectations of the masses.
    One common factor to notice amongst all these brands is that they all are simplifying their complex logos, which makes it easier to make changes to the logo for multiple events/celebrations and for people to remember.

    Secrets to making an iconic icon

    • Don’t be generic:
      Let the uniqueness of your application come through the icon. This aspect can heavily decide whether your application will be able to generate curiosity or not.Different shapes, colors, characteristics, or elements can make a unique app icon. Try to bring out its individuality equally in the app store, installation, or even when a notification is sent to the user. It should be so different from others that users should remember your application immediately if they see the icon.
    • Beauty lies in simplicity:
      Sometimes less is more and this saying turns out to be very true in the creation of app icons. Don’t overdo it!Keep it closely related to the inner content of the application. Let it be Google or Windows, or let it be Apple, being simple is highly valued. Please note that the applications that need to highlight the graphic visuals are an exception to this case.
    • Avoid over-stuffing:Space management is an art and it helps in app icon creation. Keep it spacious, one small logo that describes the app and that is placed correctly, can do wonders and is generally admired by the audiences.
    • Convey through colors:Each color has its significance and can represent different moods or emotions in the context of human psychology. Take advantage of the above-mentioned theory and age-old tricks with colors to attract the attention of users and keep in mind to add a few bright and prominent colors.
    • Create a different reality:Don’t directly use real photographs, it may look very bad when it is smaller. Instead, use an artistic version of it whenever making an application but it should be only a graphically and simplified version of it.
    • Testing and retestingDon’t be easily satisfied with the first ever design you come up with. Check its compatibility with different backgrounds, use a different font style, and its visual appeal with all the concerning factors and if you still think as if it is lacking something, add what is lacking to it. Test it in front of a small crowd and take feedback on how a user experiences it before actually launching it to the public domain.
    • Proper interpretation:When making an icon for an application the purpose it serves should be visible. It should look as precise as possible to its real counterpart.
      If the specifications of the app icon are as clear and the same as the real object then the users would find it more relatable and use it more often.
    • Stay visibleDon’t use light fonts or transparent effects if done so, it can disappear in the middle of a dark background or crowded screen. So, it is better to use bright colors and not include any transparent components in the making of the icon.


    There have been many successful rip-off applications in history and as time passes by new applications will take their place but the originals will stay forever. Original ideas are always appreciated and the same goes for the application icon. If your application is a look-alike of some other application then the users would rather use the real one.

    Making an icon for an application requires more than it looks, but there is a simple solution to this problem.

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