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    How To Put Shopify In Maintenance Mode?

    • June 19, 2023
    • 5 min

    Are you trying to figure out how to put your Shopify store on maintenance mode? Or maybe you're in the process of redesigning your website but would like to keep your product page live while you work on it. Furthermore, it's possible you'll want to modernize the design of your Shopify store at some point. It's also possible that you wish to include more complex features in your shop, which might take a considerable amount of time. Thus, in this post, we will discuss some notes to consider and put the store in maintenance mode.

    Notes To Consider Before Putting Your Store On Shopify In Maintenance Mode

    Keeping your store in maintenance mode for a few days is not a big deal. But, if the maintenance will take a month or longer, however, there are several things you should take care of beforehand.

    • Firstly, you can pause and build the store at a low cost of $9/month.
    • While your Shopify store is down, you should pause or stop any paid applications to prevent being charged automatically.
    • Lastly, you should avoid using Shopify Capital if you want to avoid losing access to funding.

    Put Your Store On Shopify In Maintenance Mode

    When you switch your Shopify account to the Pause and Build plan, your site enters maintenance mode immediately.

    Make your Store Password Protected:

    There might be a number of reasons why you would want to restrict access to your Shopify business with a password. For instance, you may want to block users from visiting your site until it has been upgraded or fixed, or you may wish to restrict their use of specific features.

    This function might also be useful if you have just launched your Shopify store and are currently tweaking and customizing its settings. Thus, go to your Shopify store>Online store> Preferences. In password protection, mark ‘enable password’. Click the ‘Password’ box and enter a password.

    Justify your decision to need a password in the ‘Message for your visitors’ area. You may skip this step and leave the form blank if you want, however, providing a polite explanation for your visitors is highly recommended.

    Customize Password Page

    To modify the store’s login page further, go to Online Store > Themes and then click on the ‘Customize’ button. From there, go to the ‘password page’ after you’ve reached the personalization page through the search bar up top. The editable features are accessible from the left sidebar of the password page.

    The header text, customer remarks, and footer of the password page may all be modified. By selecting the ‘Add sections’ option, you’ll be able to include such features as expandable content, a contact form, a collection list, and many more.

    You may also edit the ‘Password footer’ to include links to your social media profiles. In ‘Theme settings’ adjust anything from colors to fonts to layout. When you’re done making adjustments, choose ‘Save’ to commit them.

    Removing Password Page

    If you have done upgrades on your Shopify store and no longer need the password page, you may remove it via the admin area by going to Online Store > Preferences. Click ‘Save’once you have disabled password protection. Thereafter, your Shopify store will be accessible once again.


    So, it was much easy. Putting your Shopify shop into maintenance mode is useful for keeping your business operating smoothly while you work on upgrading, testing plugins, or redesigning it.

    Using the steps outlined in this guide, you should have no trouble accomplishing your goal. Furthermore, our Shopify specialists are here to help. So feel free to contact us if you want to do upgrades on your Shopify store.


    Can you put Shopify in maintenance mode?
    Yes, you can put your Shopify store in maintenance mode for upgrades or redesigning.
    How to enable ‘pause and build’ on Shopify?
    Log in to your store, go to settings>Plan>deactivate store>Pause and Build
    Do you need to pay during ‘pause and build’ on Shopify?
    Yes, you need to pay $9 per month during the pause and build phase.
    How to customize the theme of the password page?
    Go to Online Store > Themes and then click on the ‘Customize’ button. Search the password page and start changing themes.
    How to add an image to the password page?
    In the theme customizing page, search for the password page and then look for the template. Click on ‘Email signup banner’. There you can add or modify the background image.

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