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    How to hire Freelance Mobile Application Developer?

    Mobile Application Developers are in growing demand. Freelance Mobile Application Developers usually help you to professionally develop the mobile application. Broadly, there are two technologies in which Mobile apps are developed. Android and ios. To develop a single application in both the technologies, you may require separate developers for both the technologies. The other option is to hire a developer who can develop both the version of the application with Hybrid technologies like React Native, etc.

    What skills do you need to look for?

    Every developer has skills & proficiency up to some extent. By just knowing the name of the technologies & skills doesn’t prove proficiency. Mobile Application Developer needs to have deeper knowledge and understanding of the user experience, navigation flow of the application. Any developer who can gauge the user navigation flow & can make it smooth could provide better results.

    The Moblie application developer should have knowledge of multiple programming languages like Java, Swift, Kotlin, Objective C, or any hybrid languages like React Native, etc. Usually, Any developer good at UI designing, do have better clarity of course of action of coding. Better UI designing leads to an easier flow of the coding and also help to make the app agile.

    To list it up, you need to find the developer with these skills:

    • UI Designing
    • Analytical skills to make navigation smoother
    • Multiple coding skills
    • Code-versioning tools like GitHub, BitBucket, etc.
    • Knowledge & skill of cross-platform app development
    • Working knowledge of API

    How to evaluate proficiency & experience?

    Usually, all the freelancing portals provide the review & ratings of the freelancers. You need to look at how many projects the freelancer has done in the career as a freelancer. The next most important criteria are the complexity of the projects. Also, the timeline of the completion of the projects. This will provide enough insights into the proficiency & skills of the freelancer. And must go through the reviews given by his/her previous clients. And it will surely show you how the freelancer works once the project is awarded to him/her.

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    Hiring a company or freelancer is dependent on the type of the project, budget, and timeframe needed for the project development.

    On long-term basis, for quick, personalized, proactive and cost-efficient service, hire a development company, and for independent requirements hire a freelancer; as per one’s preference. Even in small projects companies play a vital role by providing quality customizable packages.

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