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How to hire Freelance Web Developer?

A web developer is someone with strong fundamentals, who can think logically and have the ability to put it into the application. A Web Developer with excellent skills and knowledge can easily work with a lot of technologies and have the ability to code the program on Web Development. To get this kind of pure talent is not an easy task. Unless you are looking for freelancers. The various freelancing portals have made it easy to find skilled and talented freelancers to complete your job.

How to Hire a Freelance Web Developer?

The most difficult task while hiring a freelance Web Developer is to evaluate the skills and ability of the freelancer. Web Developers covers the various expects of Web development and is a crucial part of making a functional website. Before hiring freelance Web Developers, you need to evaluate the freelancer on the following criteria.

What skills to look out for?

The freelance Web Developer must be aware & working with the latest technologies & must possess the following technological skills.

  • He/she must have worked on the markup languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc.
  • A Web Developer must have worked on Back-End Technologies like PHP, Python, Java, etc.
  • Must have knowledge of database structure, libraries & frameworks
  • Freelancer should have a working knowledge of Code-Versioning tools like GitHub, BitBucket, etc.
  • Must know the debugging process
  • Should have a working knowledge of Visual Studio, Sublime Text, Atom, etc.

How to evaluate experience?

You need to ask the freelancer about his/her previous work. To evaluate further, you must check the job success rate, ratings & reviews on the previous work. Also, you need to check about the complexity of the projects. This will provide you the useful insights about the quality of the output you can expect from the freelance web developer.

What questions should l ask?

Further, one to one conversation is very much recommended. It will help you out to evaluate the level of communication & level of understanding of the freelance web developer. It will reduce your efforts & time to the lengthy process of explaining the project in detail. While evaluating, you may go through web developer’s previous projects and ask the complexity related questions like:

  • How much time did he/she take to complete the particular project?
  • What complexity he/she faces while completing the job?
  • What are the technical strength and weakness he/she have?

This type of few questions will give you enough insight into the skills & knowledge of the freelancer Web Developer. If he/she falls into your criteria, you may go ahead with hiring that freelancer web developer.

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