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    How to link Facebook to Shopify?

    • April 28, 2023
    • 4 min

    Facebook has opened a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) internet marketplace since 2016. Shopify is an industry leader in e-commerce and a popular platform for setting up online businesses with social networking features. The Shopify platform now has a connection with Facebook thanks to a partnership between the two companies. Shop owners have it much simpler now that Facebook is a part of Shopify's Sales Channel Platform. In a matter of seconds, Shopify merchants can start selling their goods on Facebook without ever leaving the Shopify interface. In this post, I'll explain how to connect your Shopify store with Facebook.

    Is Shopify Facebook integration beneficial?

    There are various advantages of connecting Facebook to Shopify. Let’s explore them in detail.

    Wider Audience

    Facebook has more daily active users than any other app. With Facebook, you may target other million users than Shopify. If you connect Facebook to Shopify, you have the ability to target such a broad audience and get access to a substantial consumer base. Furthermore, you may reach buyers from a broad variety of nations, cultures, and age groups on Facebook thanks to its enormous reach, which makes it a flexible platform that can be used to sell a wide variety of things.

    Customers with a strong desire to buy

    People feel at ease making purchases on it, and as a result, some develop a habit of visiting there rather than trying to locate things in a new location. Facebook is already a popular site, which means that it has millions of customers who are browsing for things, and these shoppers have a very high intention to make a purchase. Thus, by shopify Facebook integration, it’s like putting your items in front of people who may be interested in buying them does not need a lot of work.

    One-stop-shop for managing your data

    The advantage of connecting Facebook to Shopify is that you just have to use one platform to handle your inventory and customer information. Managing your inventory, orders, and clientele on Shopify eliminates the need to use Facebook as a separate platform. When you have many sales channels, it might help to have your inventory information updated in real-time across all of them. Furthermore, you don’t need any technical expertise to efficiently handle things.

    What are the steps to connect Facebook to Shopify?

    • The “Sales channel” tab will be visible on the left side of your screen after you’ve logged into Shopify. Click on the ‘+’ button and Shopify’s list of supported channels may be seen. Install the Facebook channel. This way Facebook would be added as a sales Channel in Shopify.
    • After establishing a Facebook Shop or Instagram shopping connection on Shopify, your Facebook channel will automatically be enabled.
    • For safer information exchange, you may now activate the Conversions API. To submit information via the Conversions API, you must set the data sharing options to ‘Enhanced’ or ‘Maximum’.
    • Now that you’ve linked your Shopify to Meta accounts, you can start making ads to bring in more customers.

    What are some points to note after linking Facebook to Shopify?

    When using Shopify to sell on Facebook, there are some important points to keep in mind:

    • Shopify itself is the only place from which Facebook listings can be managed when you link Facebook into Shopify as sales channel.
    • If you alter or modify anything on Facebook thinking that it will be automatically modified on shopify then you are wrong. You will need to make changes or modifications in Shopify first instead of Facebook.


    After linking Facebook to Shopify, you will need to check the Facebook channel on Shopify. Furthermore, don’t delay in completing Facebook sales or responding to Facebook messages. You need to be careful to update your Facebook listings directly from inside Shopify. Still, if you find difficulty in linking Facebook to Shopify, book a FREE consultation with our Shopify experts. We will help you out.


    Can you sync Shopify items to Facebook?
    Yes, choose the items you wish to sync from Shopify to Facebook. You have to use the plugin – Socialshop.
    What are the requirements to connect Facebook to Shopify?
    You need to have a Shopify subscription, a Facebook business page and Facebook Business Manager connected to the page.
    Does Shopify provide any kind of support for the Facebook channel?
    No, you have to contact Facebook support for that.
    Is it necessary to connect Facebook to Shopify?
    Facebook has more daily active users than any other app. With Facebook, you may target the other million users that Shopify. Thus, it will be beneficial if you connect.
    How long does it take for Facebook to approve a shop?
    It can take 48 hours to get approval from Facebook.

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