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    Introduction to Cloud Gaming and its future

    • April 06, 2023
    • 4 min

    Streaming games on mobile phones, tablets, and computers through the cloud is nothing new. After realizing the benefits of cloud computing in gaming, a number of businesses have grown in the gaming market. The global cloud gaming market value in 2024 is estimated to reach US $6.3 billion. The main reason behind this is players don’t have to upgrade their PCs or buy game consoles. Thus, they can play high-quality games using their light-speed internet on devices like mobile phones, tablets or PCs. Therefore, let’s move forward and know more advantages of cloud gaming.

    Pros and Cons of Cloud Gaming

    • Cloud gaming is not that expensive compared to traditional gaming. This is because you can play games on your preferred devices. You don’t have to buy expensive hardware or gaming console. Furthermore, it cuts down the cost of upgrading and maintenance. Though it is less expensive, you need to pay for the games you want to play and are not available for free. Furthermore, if you want to play games that need specific devices or versions, you have to pay to upgrade your device.
    • Secondly, you can play cloud games anytime and anywhere. With the launch of gaming laptops, you don’t have to carry a large gaming console everywhere you go. Still, you will require light-speed internet for this. Thus, high-speed Wi-fi or internet connection is necessary to play cloud games.
    • There are multiple cloud gaming platforms available like Steam, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, etc. Thus, you can choose the one that matches your gaming requirement. But, there may be a possibility that you will not be able to find some games that you want to play on all of these platforms.
    • The servers that host cloud-based gaming systems are safe for user information. Also, data is sent through encrypted channels, making hacking completely impossible. Furthermore, cloud storage for games removes the need for constant backups.

    Cloud Gaming Market and Trends

    There are several submarkets within the global cloud gaming market, each categorizing to a different set of players, platforms, and regions. Markets may be broken down further into Video Streaming, each of which serves distinct purposes. The global gaming market is segmented into smartphones, tablets, personal computers and smart televisions. Furthermore, the gaming market is broken down into geographical regions. The rise in popularity of online gaming, and the widespread availability of reliable internet connectivity make North America a likely gaming market leader. In Asia Pacific, the demand for online gaming is at its peak due to South Korea, India, China and Japan.

    A.R., V.R., and 5G are just a few examples of technical breakthroughs that are directly responsible for the explosion in the popularity of playing games on the cloud. In addition to this, the increase in the development and launch of metaverse games has contributed to the market of cloud games.

    Furthermore, with the introduction of 5G, there is a notable rise in the mobile gaming and technology market. Ericsson predicts that by 2026, there will be 3.573 billion 5G mobile subscribers globally. Thus, we can expect that mobile gaming will overtake desktop gaming in near future.

    Future of Online Gaming

    Online gaming players want entertainment that contributes to their personal growth, social groups, and financial well-being. With so many benefits for both players and developers, cloud gaming is indeed the future of the video game business. The level of competition in the market will also have a major impact on pricing in future. With the emergence of increasingly advanced technology and techniques, experts think it will be practically difficult for the gaming sector ever to experience a fall. Furthermore, there will be a rise in investment in gaming cafes and gaming rooms. This will also eliminate the need for devices to play online games. As the gaming industry is continuously evolving in the metaverse, there is no reason to expect a slowdown in the worldwide gaming market in the foreseeable future.


    Since 2017, the online gaming market has seen a noteworthy rise in popularity. Gaming platforms like Steam, Amazon Luna, Xbox, and more are playing an important role in contributing to the gaming market. Last but not least, many gamers now make money via online game streaming sites like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and others.


    Which is the platform for cloud gaming android?

    Google Stadia is one of the platforms for cloud gaming on android.

    Is Amazon cloud gaming better than Microsoft?

    Amazon Luna is technically better than Microsoft but, it is still a new service compared to Microsoft as it is released in 2020.

    Does Xbox has Fortnite cloud gaming?

    Yes, Fortnite is available on GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, PlayStation 4 and more.

    Is the sea of thieves cloud gaming available on Xbox?

    Yes, sea of thieves cloud gaming 2023 edition is available on Xbox.

    Which are free cloud gaming apps?

    Steam, Xbox, GeForce NOW and more have some free games you can play online.

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