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    Best Ideas of Package Design

    According to the current trends, better packaging design gives you a unique brand identity/ brand reputation for your business. It tells the story about your brand to your clients.

    To start the design first we need to understand the layers of the package:


    There are a total of 3 types of layers. The outer layer, inner layer, and Product packaging. Your product can need all types of layers. Let’s understand first these all. So we can select our product safety and maintain it.

    Outer Package:

    The package that makes the first impression of your product on your client’s mind is the outermost package. In this, we can take the example of a plastic box, Rigid boxes, poly bags, and so on.

    Inner Package:

    The Inner package keep your product safe in your outer box here we can take the example of a mobile device box, tissue box, & sealed bag.

    Product label/sticker:

    This is our actual product. Here on our product, we can put the sticker or label which represents our brand style or story. Here we can take the example of beauty products.

    The Outer Packaging Design of Coffee

    Package design journey

    Let’s move forward to design a package for our own brand. It will help us to attract our clients towards our brands.
    Before starting the packaging designing, we need to have the answer to 2 very basic questions about our product.

    1. What is our actual product?
    2. Who will use this product?

    What is our actual product?
    The first thing that comes into package design is, what kind of package we need to select for our product. The answer to this question will help you to select the best package type for your product.

    For example:
    An outstanding, cost-effective, and customer-friendly option for packaging for different products. Paperboard is very flexible and well-matched with many printing factors.
    generally use it for the study materials.
    Use for premium and luxury products
    Which will help you to highlight your product in the best way.
    Generally use for the liquid product, beauty product, and so on…

    Inner Packaging Label Design on the Bottle & Outer Packaging Design.

    Who will use this product?
    This question will help you to create a unique design for your product. The main focus is on the 4 categories mentioned below:
    Now you may have the question that how the location affects your packaging. So let’s take one example if we select some religious place and we design according to the shopping mall then it won’t work. It needs to be pretty simple so people can buy for religious purposes.
    Age Group:
    We can take the example of a toy package design for children. So if we design it with light color and pretty simple then it won’t work here as it’s toy package we need to make it attractive with fast colors.
    Here we need to take care of the shapes and color of your package. If the products are to be designed for female we can select colors like white, pink, blue, etc. With the nice shapes of the package, you can attract your female audiences. But if we are designing products for the male, then it should be with colors like black, gray as boys like that type of color.
    Here we need to think about “ where we are going to sell our product” if you are designing the package for one of the clients from the USA, then you need to design according to their current trends in the USA. If you design it according to Indian trends, then that will not work. As the Indian and the American lifestyle is totally different from each other.

    How to make packaging design more attractive

    Package design plays the most important role in how people visually respond to a product. So according to the audience, you need to make it attractive & engaging. And for that, we have to focus on the below-mentioned points.
    Color visually represents your brand, It is the fundamental part of the package that expresses the thoughts, feelings, and impressions about your product and your brand.
    In the package design font is the key component that represents the brand name, product’s name, and benefits that our brand provides to our clients. It should be chosen by keeping in mind our targeted audiences and package size.
    User-friendly design:
    Into user-friendly design, we need to create the design according to the age, so anyone regardless of age, and can easily understand it. It is required to keep the elements easy to understand, user-friendly & simple navigations, call to action elements, and all these factors. We can design a good user-friendly package.
    Stand out from the pack:
    Sometimes, it is possible that there are so many products available in the market. So we need to make our package design, which can stand out from all other products. Here, you can take the example of beauty products. Currently, in the market, there are so many beauty products from different brands. So, we need to make the design our package which can stand out from other products.
    A Beauty Product Packaging on both Outer & Inner Packaging

    Content that we need to cover on our package design:

    Written copy:
    In this area, you can cover your product name, your brand name, other details that you need to show your clients. e.g. list & amount of the ingredients. Instructions to use, etc.
    In this part, we can cover the imagery of your product. So, your clients have an idea about your product that how it actually looks like.
    Required marks:
    Here we need to take care of the shapes and color of your package. If the products are to be designed for female we can select colors like white, pink, blue, etc. With the nice shapes of the package, you can attract your female audiences. But if we are designing products for the male, then it should be with colors like black, gray as boys like that type of color.
    This thing depending on your product here we need to put the barcode, nutrition information, association marks, etc.
    Know what temporary content you need. Here, we can provide information about the manufacturing dates & price. So here we need to make space to put the dates (manufacturing dates, prices expire dates, etc)

    Package design glossary

    Adobe Illustrator (AI) file:
    Adobe Illustrator is a design tool that we can use to create vector images that you will need for printing. It’s file have .ai extension.
    Barcodes (UPC and EAN):
    It is a machine-readable code. So when your client scans the code. It provides the details of your store, product, and the prices of the particular product.

    • UPC (Universal Product Code)—the predominant barcode in North America
    • EAN (International Article Number) is the verticle barcode system used in European countries.

    In printing, we use a bleed when your design goes to the edge of your paper or box. so in this case, designers will actually add a bit extra design after final line(the “bleed”) so that when the design is printed and cut to the right size there’s some error that we can avoid so we can say its a safety margin of our package.
    CMYK —
    Stands for cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, and key (black). These are the 4 colors that the printer used in printing. Every color has its own CMYK values/code. That the printer uses to help color match between your design and the completed package.
    RGB —
    Stands for red, green, and blue, these are three primary colors that can be combined to create other colors, and that’s why on digital screens. RGB or HEX codes/values are used to identify colors in the digital area; It can be converted into CMYK and Pantone color codes for printing as well.
    Its the one more layout of your package. Designers and printers use it to create the proper layout for a package.
    Recommendations for the package design
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    For printing( UV printing & Screen printing)
    In packaging design, the most important part is the print quality. This is very important to make a perception of the product in the mind of customers. You are able to make a good design for UV Printing is the latest technology. The hassle-free technology that provides up to the mark results with crystal clear prints. See the video below on how it is done.

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