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    Quick Guide: What is Google Analytics & Search Console

    Developed a new website for your business? Want to see how well it is going on Google Search? There are a number of tools that can help you measure Google’s tools Google Analytics (GA) & Google Search Console (GSC) will help you see where your website stands on Google. You might be thinking what is an Analytics & Search Console and how does it help? Analyze your website data by connecting to GA & GSC. Here is a detailed blog about Google Webmasters.

    What is Google Analytics?

    Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to analyze your website traffic. You might be aware of the term “Web Analytics” which involves the collection, measurement, and analysis of website traffic, but Google Analytics is huge than web analytics. This tool shows how effective your digital presence is and how many customers engage with your website every day. Giving you a holistic view of the effectiveness of all the campaigns you are running to promote your product/services online. This is why more than 50 million websites are using Google Analytics & if you are not, set it up today.

    There are many other tools that can help you collect and measure your website data. Further divided into two types say free analytics tools and paid analytics tools which could be easily differentiated on the basis of support, features, and functionality. Here is a list of tools that can help in collecting data.

    1. On the top is Google Analytics & Google Analytics 360 (which is paid) by Google Marketing Platform.
    2. Kissmetrics by the brilliant SEO expert Neil Patel.
    3. Adobe Analytics by and more.

    Earlier discussed was the free version of Google Analytics also known as GA. The paid version is Google Analytics 360 which is mainly used by websites that earn traffic and visitors in millions. But for websites that receive limited visitors can use GA’s free version which is suitable & perfectly fine.

    Why Google Analytics? Reasons to use Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a platform where you can not only see where your visitors are coming from, there is much more. It is recommended to set up GA tracking while launching a new website. It shows real-time results, users can easily compare data to the previous period, can measure individual campaign performance and its conversions. Let us discuss these factors in detail and the reasons to use them.

    How Do Users Find Your Website?

    There are billions of websites on Google competing with each other. In this competitive world, business personals want themselves to be found by their target audience and grab their attention to the website.

    Google Analytics plays an important role here and a different section is created for this purpose called Acquisition dedicated to providing useful information on how they found your business. There are different channels through which a user lands on the website namely:

    i) Paid Ads i.e., Google Ads which are paid and displayed on Google Search Results.

    ii) Organic i.e., which are unpaid rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

    iii) Direct where visitors already know your business and finds your website.

    iv) Social, where users find your website on social media via social media sharing option, and so on.

    What People do when they visit your Website?

    Here, you will understand the Google Analytics Goal Flow section where a track of your visitors is kept. How a user interacts with your website and where he ends the interaction. Whether it is submitting a contact form on your website or purchasing a product/service through your website. Google Analytics shows you all the data. To engage users for a long time, the website should look really nice and should have easy to navigate content.

    Popular Pages of your Website

    Google Analytics helps you identify the most visited pages on your website. Either it is your website’s blog page or your product/service pages, GA shows the most visited pages. Based on demographics & geography, and their general interests online.

    Conversion Tracking

    A conversion is an action or a group of actions taken by the user on a website or mobile application. Conversion tracking is different from website to website and business. You can set up tracking conversions based on actions you most want visitors to take, such as submitting a form, users emailing through the website, newsletter signup, downloading an ebook, and so on.

    It’s Easy & Free

    This tool is really easy to navigate and user friendly. Anyone with basic knowledge of GA can easily set up a Google Analytics account for their website. Moreover, this tool is FREE. Business owners with a limited budget can go with this tool and collect all the website data and analyze the business situation and improve accordingly.

    What is Google Search Console?

    A free Google tool that helps you track your website performance and get valuable insights that help the website owner know about the issues that need to be solved. Google Search Console, also known as GSC, is for Digital Marketing experts, web designers, app developers, and business entrepreneurs. Google notifies by sending emails and notifications whether the issue is micro or macro on your website. Why your clicks and impressions are down/up and from which page of your website is known via GSC. You can easily keep track of your users and which platform do they use the most to reach your website. Which keywords help you to reach your target audience and what devices are being used by them.

    Why Google Search Console? Reasons to use Google Search Console

    GSC provides tools that help you with the website’s day-to-day management. It does the little things as you can easily submit sitemap.xml files, validate your website’s errors, check whether Google is crawling your web pages properly and on a regular basis. Let us understand the reasons to use GSC in detail:

    Improves Search Engine Visibility

    Worried about your website search engine visibility? Google Search Console will help you know if your website is struggling with the search engines or you are online and able to reach your users.

    Attract Traffic with Optimised Keywords

    GSC opens a new window for optimized keywords that people frequently use to access your website. This will help you shape a better user experience and boost your results.

    Track Real-time Website Changes

    You can make an endless number of changes to your website and wait for a week or months for Google’s bots to crawl your website. By now you might have an idea why you must use the Search Console for your website.

    Makes Website Faster & Responsive

    Many times it happens that users abandon your website due to the reason of slow website loading or any other glitch. GSC allows you to take remedial steps and approve changes to become mobile-friendly.


    To make the SEO strategy work you will need both Google Analytics and Google Search Console. When you fire this double-barreled gun you can easily aim for higher search engine rankings and boost traffic to your site, and convert traffic into customers.

    These are free tools that can easily help you achieve your SEO goals. There are hefty tools that can help you but GA & GSC promises to deliver higher than expected results and that too without paying a single penny. Small businesses or startups should go with these tools to track their results. Still confused and want to set up Google Analytics & Google Search Console accounts for your website? Contact us at and we will set it up for you.

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