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    Save Money with Cross-platform App Development

    • April 20, 2023
    • 5 min

    You must be knowing how people conveniently switch from using one app to another based on their choices. If we don’t find using an app interesting or optimized, we try to find its alternative. Thus, launching an app that satisfies its users is important. Furthermore, launching a mobile app is not just a piece of cake. You need to invest a good amount of money in developing it. But, if developed a cross-platform app using react native, you can stay within your budget and save on development expenses. Let’s understand how.

    What is Cross-Platform App Development?

    When you develop two apps for different platforms to target audiences of both platforms, it’s expensive. But, developing a cross-platform app becomes cost-efficient as you don’t have to write different codes. There are various frameworks available for iOS, Android or cross-platform app development. React Native is one of the frameworks that facilitate the development of scalable mobile apps. In my opinion, when you want to launch a cross-platform app quickly in the market, react native turns out to be the best option. Furthermore, it has large community support. Thus, you can launch a high-quality app in less cost and time.

    How can you save money through cross-platform app development?

    There are a few ways in which cross-platform software development might save costs:

    • Cross-platform app development allows you to create an app that runs on several platforms while only having to write it once. You may save time on development compared to creating native applications for each platform.
    • It may be cheaper than developing native applications for many platforms since it takes less code and development time. This is especially true if your financial resources are limited.
    • Developing apps for many platforms at once simplifies the process of updating and improving your app.
    • Developing a mobile app that is compatible with several operating systems broadens the audience for that app. That means you can reach a big demographic with only one app development.

    How can react native help in minimizing the cost?

    Everything counts toward the final price tag when making an app, from the OS that it uses to the design features included. Although it is straightforward to differentiate between the development prices of native applications and cross-platform apps. Let’s examine the influence of these variables on the two distinct mobile app creation methods.


    In addition to working on a wide range of OS, mobile app development also has to account for screen sizes and orientations. In addition, it may end up costing a lot to make native software compatible with several device versions. For example, although the newest Android had bigger displays, the earlier Android’s screens were perfectly capable of displaying the same content. This implies the development cost for these native applications was far more than it would have been for an equivalent web app since they had to be optimized for each individual device.

    On the other hand, Cross-platform applications using react native, are compatible with any digital environment and can run on a wide variety of mobile devices thanks to their optimized design. Since less time is spent on development, less money is spent overall.


    When it comes to native mobile applications, providing the basic functionality needed to update previous versions of the OS is a challenging and lengthy task. But updating may be readily avoided in the scenario of cross-platform applications, making maintenance of the program considerably simpler and, thus, cheaper.

    App design

    There is no denying that a native app has higher development costs due to the need for a user interface and user experience design. UX design accounts for almost one-third of the entire cost of developing an app. But the consistency of the UX across platforms is what really sets apart cross-platform applications built with react native. Since it has been shown that utilizing React Native saves money, many companies are migrating their apps to the platform. Popular examples of apps include Pinterest, Tesla, Walmart, and Uber.

    Maintenance and support

    Maintaining a native app is difficult since it requires attention to not one but two platforms simultaneously, with features like updates, fixing problems, patches, etc. Because of this, maintaining the native software for both Android and iOS devices takes nearly double as much effort and energy. In addition, the overall cost of developing an app may be reduced by a large margin when it is a cross-platform app because of the ease with which it can be maintained by just one developer.


    At last, above were the number of contributing elements that play their role in setting the ultimate cost of cross-platform app development. As every project is unique, the scenario will be different for each one; ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to develop a cross-platform app using react native.


    Which is the low-cost react native app development company in USA?
    Alian Software is a mobile app development company that provides dedicated remote developers for building react native app at a low hourly cost compared to native companies.
    What is included in react native app development services?
    React native UI/UX design, iOS App Development, Android App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, react native Migration, react native Support & Maintenance, and more services are included in react native app development services.
    Can I use react native for cross-platform app development?
    Yes, you can use react native to develop an app for android, windows, iOS and cross-platform.
    Is react native a good choice for app development?

    Yes, it is because it provides lots of advantages with cross-platform app developments. You can know in detail by reading our blog- React Native Ecosystem.

    Which major apps use react native?
    Facebook Ads, Instagram, and UberEats are some major apps that use react native.

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